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Full list of Bana Sungusia songs, original band members, boss lyrics, latest mix, mp3 download

List of Bana Sungusia songs mp3 download

Bana Sungusia songs will forever remain a part of the Kisii culture and way of life. The hype of these relaxing melodies rests on their entertaining and informative lyrics. More so, various songs by Sungusia emphasize good morals and lessons from real-life experiences. Coming up is a brief of Bana Sungusia Band members and favourite songs on and

The good old days of trending tunes such as Nyaboke and Ekemangurume are not yet over. These rhythms still rule in Kisii villages and urban centres. Let us take a heart-warming look into Bana Sungusia original members and their latest songs.

12 best Bana Sungusia songs and videos

Sungusia Band managed to produce several hitmaker songs, with most of them still rocking modern-day entertainment lounges.

Here comes a long list of Bana Sungusia songs latest and Kisii traditional music alike.

1. Bana Sungusia Nyangwono

The song speaks about Isaac Nyangwono Nyabende from Bomachoge. The lyrics of Nyangwono song reiterates his successes as a teacher and business person.

A tragic ending of his life started with severe joint pain. He later collapsed to his death during a meeting. Touching tales of his orphaned children will make anyone cry.

2. Sungusia My Boss

The song speaks against immoral bosses with lustful eyes on their secretaries and other women staff members under them.

The track My Boss appeals respect and dignity on behalf of vulnerable women in society.

Sungusia reasons that bosses should not take advantage of their deep pockets to lure married female workers.

3. Sungusia songs Nyaboke

A troubled husband narrates how his wife deserted him, going away with everything. The sorrows and tears of missing his children are evident.

The song ends with Sungusia wishing her the worst of luck alongside abuses such as Egesagane, meaning uncut girl.

Meanwhile, he needs to reclaim his children back from their irresponsible mother, now an enstraged wife.

4. Ekemangurume by Bana Sungusia

Who ate Ekemangurume? The song lyrics speak about five boys who were looking after their domestic animals in an open field.

The company of five gathered Chinkomoni, a type of wild fruit. They collectively sunk a hole, covered them with leaves, and went away, leaving the fruits to ripen.

To their surprise, there was not one Ekemangurume left when they came back at an agreed time.

It turns out that one of the boys had secretly skipped back and eaten them all. Escalating rage resulted in finger-pointing and name-calling.

Bana Sungusia Band Ekemangurume educates on the importance of genuine friendships.

5. Sungusia Nyaboke Mose

The song appeals to God’s help from the snare of death. It speaks of how losing loved ones end up in suffering.

Sungusia Nyaboke Mose lyrics also speak about people using evils to inflict suffering on others. The song mainly speaks against witchcraft among the Kisii people.

6. Bana Sungusia Douglas Makambo

The story of Douglas Makambo falling in a 30 feet borehole at about lunchtime caused terror among residents.

The song captures the mystery of Makambo’s drowning in deep waters and how it caused pain to his loved ones.

7. Sungusia Omogusii

We still remember the classy “Seito Gusii naiboretwe Gusii ense yomwando” vibes from decades ago.

The song is a praise composition for God’s blessings to the Omogusii community. It brings home plentiful food and water as a fortune to the locals.

Sungusia band members mention soapstones in Tabaka, sugarcanes in south Mugirango, and more.

8. Bana Sungusia Amashabiki

Amashabiki Song is a tribute to Sungusia band fans. The lyric was a reaction to a fellow musician who was misinforming Bana Sungusia fans.

Amashabiki is among other Kisii songs that went viral because of fine-tunes and creative beats.

9. Sungusia Mokoyone

Mokoyone Sungusia is a touching song, speaking about the suffering of a sister. It narrates how the man who married her is irresponsible.

Mistreatments and frequent kicks have caused her beauty to fade away. Sungusia is unhappy with the life his dear sister is living in marriage.

10. Sungusia Susana song

Love your wife is a pick-up line in this lovely song Susana by Bana Sungusia.

The tune narrates about a classy woman called Susana with unequalled focus on her beauty and infectious blossoms of laughter.    

Susana song is equally a reminder of the wedding vows that will forever bind Sungusia and his wife. Band members also emphasize that a wise woman builds her home.

11. Sungusia Ekero Inkwete

The song speaks about the blow of death with unanswered questions on where those who die go.

Ekero Inkwete lyrics speak about the mysteries of death. It also reminds people that they will return to the sand from where they came.

12. Bana Sungusia Manyisa

This vocal Sungusia track speaks about good friends who are more than brothers. Fashionable dance moves and costumes make the song prevalent.

The lyrics mention Nyandusi Manyisa from Bogetutu and how he is a trustworthy friend.

Bonus: Ford People Bana Sungusia

The song became a massive hit around the 2002 general elections when the late Simeon Nyachae was viewing for the presidency.

Notably, Bana Sungusia band downloads spiked with the release of the Ford people song.

Hon Simeon Nyachae rewarded the Sungusia Band with a car, music instruments, and other goodies for helping him during the campaigns.

Most importantly, the song pushed several Ford People MP Aspirants into the National Assembly.

More Bana Sungusia songs mp3 download

Bana Sungusia all songs on YouTube and other leading streaming sites include the following.

  • Sungusia Ukimwi
  • Takweroka Sungusia
  • Bana Sungusia Simon Chae 
  • Bana Sungusia Safari Keroka
  • Ekemangurume by Bana Sungusia

The above Sungusia Mr Sungusia songs playlist is original. For this reason, street vendors, cars, and radio stations such as Minto and Egesa play them nonstop.

Bana Sungusia latest songs

Various Kisii musicians, including Kwasa Kwasa Internationale, continue to reproduce a stream of Bana Sungusia songs.

Bana Sungusia Original Channel on YouTube is home to some of these tracks.

Bana Sungusia mix mp3 download

Sungusia songs mp3 and videos make a good choice when hunting for cool local tunes.

Sungusia songs YouTube are particularly more available to many.

Furthermore, instant downloads are now possible on,,, and

Also, Sungusia Mp4 HD Video WapWon offers high-quality downloads. Go ahead and access Sungusia songs by Wapwon today.

Sungusia Band history founders and members

Photo: Bana Sungusia Original band members Momanyi Kenyatta and Onsongo Omosongo . SRC: @banaSungusia

Edwin Momanyi Kenyatta biography reveals that he is a frontline founder of this successful band.

Momanyi Kenyatta started the band shortly after completing his studies. Being a choir member in charge of keeping musical instruments gave him a soft start.

Les Wanyika, Christopher Monyoncho, and Arisi O Sababu motivated his childhood music ambitions.

Elias Kingoina from Gesusu was the first to join the Nyamira Superstar Jazz band of Momanyi Kenyatta.

In 1994, Tom Sagwe and Chui Nyangau, the owner of Highland Bar, gave them a place for their debut performances.

The band grew gradually and renamed to Bana Sungusia.

Why the name Sungusia Band?

The band title came from a group of aged men who often said, “Yaa enchera eye mogotosungusia…”

The phrase is the reason why Nyamira Superstar Jazz changed to Sungusia Band.

Momanyi Kenyatta standing with Bana Sungusia

Some band members, including Elias Kingoina and Nyangeri, dropped from the band and went back to church after years of entertaining Nyamira residents.

The deserted Momanyi started recruiting new talents, among them Onsongo Omosongo.

Replacing Arisi O Sababu

Bana Sungusia produced their first album in 1996, about the same time when Arisi O Sababu died.

The band members were lead entertainers at his funeral using the musical instruments Tom Sagwe had bought for them.

The band boys of Arisi, such as Monga’re, Ongera, Mogusu, and Kaka remained stranded and eventually decided to team up with the fast-rising Bana Sungusia Band.

Bana Sungusia Original band

The band formerly had 15 members, out of which 7 have died, leaving the rest struggling to replace lost talents.

Momanyi and Kwasa Kwasa are some of the stars still shining bright in the competitive Kisii music industry.

Stats indicate that Bana Sungusia has produced more than 15 trendsetting albums.

Dealing with defectives such as Sungusia Extra

Some members who fell off pulled a legal suit against the original Sungusia band for releasing Nyaboke hit.

The legal issue accused Sungusia of including stereotypes in their Nyaboke song with abuses against a female character.

Luckily, the legal case against band manager Kenyatta did not materialize into the courts.

Kwasa Kwasa Internationale is among the defective members fighting desperately to replace Sungusia Band founder Momanyi Kenyatta.

Bana Sungusia Band members

The crew included the best Kisii artists specializing in vocals, drums, and soloing, among other roles.

1. Onsongo Omosongo Sungusia

Photo: Onsongo Omosongo Bana Sungusia . SRC: @banaSungusia

The celebrated Onsongo Omosongo, whose real names are Bernard Onsongo Omwansa, was a bandmaster in the Sungusia Group.

Onsongo Omosongo biography shows that he was a multi-talented Benga musician and indeed the most respected group member.

The singer comes from Bogichora Ward in Nyamira County. Onsongo took over as a councillor in 2007 and served in his home-ward until 2013.

Music career in Sungusia Band and sudden death

Fans recall Onsongo as an emotional storyteller with the electrifying energy of an experienced soloist.

In addition, Onsongo was a noticeable vocalist, songwriter, and Kisii Community cultural ambassador.

Unfortunately, Onsongo died on September 20, 2017, at the age of 47 years.

He passed on at the Nairobi-based St Francis Hospital, Kasarani, after battling with sickness for an extended period.

Onsongo Omosongo new song by Kwasa Kwasa, tributes him for being a Sungusia band legend.

2. Edwin Momanyi Kenyatta Sungusia

The famous Edwin Momanyi is founder and chief executive officer of the favourite Sungusia Band.

Momanyi Kenyatta was born on January 1, 1975, making him 46 years as of 2021.

He now works closely with Bana Sungusia Original manager Diplo Ntabo.

3. Haron Auta Ekiaramba

The singer was both a composer and a vocalist in the Sungusia Band. Besides, he was a member of the Splinter Music Band recently coined by Kwasakwasa.

The Dot Com Boys of Sungusia band lost Ekiaramba in May 2019. Akiaramba, whose real name is Haron Auta, passed on at Christa Marianne Hospital in Kisii Town.

4. George Morara Omorendire

Band player Omorendire was a skilled drummer and a backbone member of the notorious Sungusia Band.

Omorendire George Morara died in November 2018 while on the way to Nyamira Hospital. His legacy with drums remains in the memory of many.  

5. Kwasa Kwasa Internationale

Joseph Nyakweba, also called Kwasa Kwasa, is still holding the mantle of Sungusia.

Kwasa Kwasa Onsongo Omosongo song is the latest in his series of modern gems.

He recently released Sungusia volume 16 featuring Dismus Nyaanga.

Most of KwasaKwasa latest songs are doing well in the industry.

More Bana Sungusia Band members

Photo: list of Bana Sungusia Band members . SRC: @banaSungusia
  • Nyakang’o
  • Zico Gichana
  • Job Mayenga
  • Jephter Nyamosi
  • Orecho Misati
  • Nicholas Nyakundi
  • Ken Amisi, popularly The Rock
  • John Omwega, popularly Makambo

Kenyatta, Elias Kingoina, Nyageri Bwondari, Omorendire, and Kennedy Amisi are the first five group members.

Other core members included Nicholus Nyakundi, who played drums, and Job Mayenga, a guitarist.

Most Sungusia band members joined even as fame kept rising.

Bana Sungusia original new members

Diplo Ntabo recently revealed to Getembe TV Kisii about recruit singers including.

  • Momanyi Kenyatta
  • John Biz, a bassist
  • Ben Makanta, a guitarist
  • Sumbua Sumbua a singer
  • Crisper Kanyakwa a drummer
  • Florence Nyandega, a rhythm player
  • Richard Onsongo a singer also Onsongo Junior

The outspoken Richard Onsongo is a relative to the late Onsongo Omosongo.

Bana Sungusia Original manager Diplo Dennis Mose Ntabo

Diplo Ntabo enjoys a good relationship with Bana Sungusia founder Momanyi Kenyatta.

He recently opened up about the upcoming Bana Sungusia Studios from where the band will re-launch its earlier dream.

Mr Sungusia mp3 download

Enjoy your preferred songs all day by downloading videos and mp3 versions of Sungusia hits. 

Go ahead and freshen your playlist with Bana Sungusia mp3 free download and streaming options.

Overall, there are no limits when it comes to Bana Sungusia band music downloads.

Bana Sungusia 24th anniversary celebrations

The Kisii band Bana Sungusia which started in 1996, celebrated its 24th year in 2020.

The band has at least 15 albums with about 100 songs under their label.

Bana Sungusia Band phone number contacts

  • Phone 1: 0113007770
  • Phone 2: 0776991520
  • Email:

Connect with Bana Sungusia Original Band members through their Facebook @banaSungusia and Instagram @banasungusiakenya.

The clean touch of Bana Sungusia songs lyrics remains printed in the hearts of many. More so, these traditional songs left with us a record that no later Kisii musician has managed to break.