Untold facts about Coca Cola Kisii Bottlers

5 Untold facts about Coca Cola Kisii Bottlers and why it was merged with Mount Kenya Bottlers

Governor Ongwae’s appeal for the re-opening of Coca Cola Kisii Bottlers remain unanswered several years later. Its deserted properties along the Kisii-Nyamira borderline are getting dirtier and rustier by the day. But then, why did the multi-national company close its Gusii doors?

Coca Cola abandoned its Kisii plant for reasons that have long remained under the covers. It turns out that the untimely exit of Coca Cola left an economic wound that may take some time to heal.

5 untold facts about Coca Cola Kisii Bottlers Ltd

Coca Cola is a multi-billion American beverage corporation with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

It is operational in more than 200 countries across the world with an overwhelming presence in the Kenyan market.

1. Top 3 reasons why the Kisii Coca Cola Company was closed

Kisii bottlers opened its doors on June 18, 1989. It would remain a compliment of Equator Bottlers for 28 years.

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Coca Cola Kisii is no longer operational because of these 3 reasons.

  • Kisii Bottlers was allegedly plunging into losses
  • There was a need to expand and increase the capacity of Mount Kenya bottlers
  • The merger was mostly an economic decision occasioned by new managerial strategies

ICDC Marketing Manager, Ms Mbatha Mbithi, is on record for defending the decision of relocating to Central Kenya.

Speaking to a delegation of businessmen from Nyamira County, Ms Mbithi said that Kisii Bottlers was not profitable in its operations.

2. Coca Cola was located within the vicinity of Kisii Town

What remains of the once decorated Kisii CocaCola Company are abandoned structures with rusty roofs and dusty walls.

The multi-million real estate facility sits a few meters from Kisii town central business district via Jogoo Estate.

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3. Closure of Kisii Bottlers lost 700 jobs in South Nyanza

Benjamin Onkoba who works as a director of The Kenya National Chambers of Commerce Nyanza has been fighting for the reopening of CocaCola Kisii.

He argues that South Nyanza lost more than 500 jobs following the relocating Coca Cola Kisii Bottlers to the Mount Kenya region.

As a result, locals are suffering socio-economic decline as well as reduced stocks of Coca Cola soft drinks.

4. Governor Ongwae speaks on Kisii Bottlers shutdown

2017 marked the ending of Coca-Cola operations in the South Nyanza region.

“I have already engaged the Coca Cola management for the possibility of reviving full operations at the factory.”

Governor Ongwae, Kisii County.

Talks between Governor James Ongwae and the vanished investors are yet to bear fruits.

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5. Kisii Bottlers was owned by Centum, Almasi Group, and ICDC

Major shareholders in Coca Cola franchise, Kisii Bottlers, were Centum, Almasi Group, and ICDC.

The three operators played a key role in shutting down the Coca-Cola Kisii branch.

Even so, the Industrial & Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC) is unlikely to alter the decision.

Coca Cola Kisii Bottlers ceased operations four years ago but cries for its restoration are only getting louder.

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