Crazy Kennar Children photos

Crazy Kennar Children [Photos] Wife Natalie Asewe Mourns Death of Unborn Son in Emotional Post

The ‘Happy Country’ patron has been lighting up our screens for several years, whilst keeping his family affairs under thick wraps. It turns out he has a lovely wife called Natalie Asewe. How about Crazy Kennar Children?

The lovely couple recently uploaded cute photos of their happy moments at the beach. Fanatics have since been talking about their beaming romance.

Crazy Kennar Children

Kennar and his wife Natalie met in primary school and remained good friends until about 10 years ago when they started dating. They have since moved in together and are living as husband and wife.

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Does Crazy Kennar have children? Natalie and Crazy Kennar are still mourning the unfortunate loss of their unborn child. The young couple learned about the demise of their long-awaited kid on December 12, 2023, barely 4 days before the already sold-out “Happy Country Show.”

The comic spoke about the pain while addressing fanatics amid his performance at KICC.

“Unfortunately, my son died four days ago. So it has been a very tough journey for me because we had to go through that and at the same time make the show.”

Crazy Kennar.

On the other hand, Natalie shared his emotional struggles on social media.

“They say there’s no greater pain than childbirth, but I disagree. The greatest pain in the world is carrying and delivering a child that you never get to raise… I don’t just grieve my son, I mourn never getting the chance to hear him cry, to hear him speak, teach him to walk and see him grow.”

Natalie Asewe.

A vacation to the beach served its part in the healing process, jammed with well wishes from followers.

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Natalie and her husband Crazy Kennar are still hopeful parents following the demise of their firstborn son.

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