Director Trevor Biography: Mungai Eve Boyfriend Tribe, Photos, Profile, Net Worth, and Contacts

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Photo: Top profile facts in Director Trevor biography and net worth . SRC: @director_trevor

Mungai Eve boyfriend Trevor is a professional journalist with exceptional camera skills. He is a successful Kenyan YouTuber in the highly competitive creative space. For this reason, upcoming digital content creators look up to his special abilities. Director Trevor biography says more on real names, age, tribe, and love story.

Trevor who is mostly out of the lens is finally making headlines following persistent mentions from girlfriend Mungai Eve. Besides, the two celebrities are no stranger to fame and controversies amid a speedily ballooning fan base.

5 Profile facts in Director Trevor biography

Director Trevor Mungai Eve boyfriend photos, real names, and tribe
Photo: Director Trevor Mungai Eve boyfriend photos, real names, and tribe . SRC: @director_trevor

Director Trevor may look simple but he is the number one reason why more young people are embracing YouTube.

He loosened the rules for everyone else by striking 300k subscribers within a few months. Who is Director Trevor Kenya?

1. Director Trevor real names are Bonventure Monyancha

Mungai Eve boyfriend age is about 25 years and is formally called Bonventure Monyancha.

The name Bonventure like its Italian equivalent Bonaventure means good luck.

Mungai Eve has previously opened up to Presenter Ali on loving the photographer for his dope name Director Trevor.

She could not help but joke on feeling frustrated upon discovering that Trevor was only his stage name.

Bonventure received the name Trevor during his high school years. It started with schoolmates who assumed him a younger brother of a former student called Trevor.

The nickname Trevor has since stuck with him and he seems to like it all together. 

Speaking to Nyamwembe TV, Everlyn Wanjiku Mungai confirmed that she prefers the stage name Trevor to his real name Bonventure.

2. Mungai Eve boyfriend Trevor is from the Kisii tribe

Director Trevor tribe is of the Kisii ethnic group with an ancestral home in the rolling Gusii highlands.

He is a noticeable crop of talent from the neighbourhood of CS Fred Matiangi and Retired CJ David Maraga.

There is no doubt on the fact that Trevor ranks highly in the list of young and influential Kisii men.

Apart from the screeching Kisii language, he is fluent in both Swahili and English.

Jalango TV live host Felix Odiwour recently described Trevor as a typical Kisii man with enough psyche and passion in action.

3. Trevor is a Journalism and mass communication graduate

Bonventure Monyancha alias Director Trevor and Mungai Eve are both passion-driven Journalists.

Trevor graduated from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

On the other hand, Mungai Eve is yet to graduate from NIBS Technical College main campus in Kimbo, Nairobi.

4. He is the breath behind Mungai Eve

Kenyan Director Trevor deserves credit for giving girlfriend Mungai Eve a special platform to showcase her seasoned skills.

In return, Mungai Eve is forever grateful with several mentions on how meeting Trevor changed her life for the better.

Director Ali who learnt the special skill from Presenter Ali is equally thankful.

Even more so, Mungai Eve is grateful for all the yummy bites of shared love with Director Trevor.

An outburst of fame trickled and tripled after Trevor revealed a high net worth with a monthly salary of 1.5 million in YouTube earnings.

5. A photoshoot sparked Director Trevor Mungai eve relationship

Mungai Eve and her boyfriend crossed paths a few years ago at a photoshoot event in which Trevor was a photographer.

They exchanged contacts with intention of sharing the photos only to exchange hearts a few days later.

Funny enough, Trevor is yet to send Mungai Eve any of the photos she intended to receive from the session.

Director Trevor and his Kisii ex-girlfriend were in a toxic relationship of four years before Mungai Eve swiped her left.

Wedding bells are becoming louder by the day and so is their Insta Fame experience.

Director Trevor contacts and addresses


DM Trevor for his phone number and help with content creation.

Director Trevor biography shares intimate details about his real names and widely admired relationship with Youtuber Mungai Eve. His unceasing ideas are truly a gem in digital content creation.

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