DJ Bunney 254 biography

DJ Bunney 254 biography: Age, husband, YouTube mp3 download, latest Kisii mixes, contacts

DJ Bunney is a prominent Kisii entertainer known for her irresistible mix play tunes. She is a typical disk jockey with a genuine love for her work as an artist. DJ Bunney 254 biography has it all from her childhood to recent success in the showbiz industry.

It has been years now since DJ Bunney turned her childhood passion into a career. A good reception has seen her bragging shoulders with high profile Kisii musicians. Bunney continues to blend the airwaves with timeless hits.

DJ Bunney 254 profile summary

  • Real name: Judith Kwamboka
  • Nickname: DJ Bunney 254
  • Date of birth: May 10, 80s
  • Birth sign: Taurus
  • Place of birth:  Kisii County
  • County: Kisii, Nyanza
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Occupation:  Disk Jockey (DJ)
  • Genre: Mix DJ
  • Years active: 2017 to the present
  • Relationship status: Single mother

Judith Kwamboka is famous for her dance-friendly teasers such as Kisii Urban Mix – With DJ Bunney Take 1 and a short Kisii Teaser 2-DJ Bunney254 on YouTube. She is also renowned for being the first Kisii female DJ.

DJ Bunney 254 biography

The Kisii artist often mentions her mum citing warm support. She is all that Bunney has been counting on for inspiration. Being single mothers has made both women stronger beyond their mother-daughter relationship.

DJ Bunney’s engaging career is only possible with her mother by the side to take care of the kid whenever she is out representing in gigs.

Forget DJ scratcher Kisii mixes and DJ Darius because DJ Bunney rules them all.

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Childhood and education

Bunney is a Bachelor of Business Information Technology – BBIT graduate from a Nairobi based higher learning institution.

DJ Bunney career

DJ Bunny biography reveals that she always wished to become a DJ at her young age. After high school, she acquired herself an Ampex woofer for her virtual DJ mixing and other music needs.

Luckily, she has been receiving encouragement from her family. The fact that she produces most of her work from their living room confirms that they cheerfully own her talent.

Before losing his husband of four years in a road accident, Bunney was planning to join a DJ academy.

She recounts her husband joking about becoming her bouncer at the clubs as soon as she was out.

Becoming a self-made DJ

Returning to square one in life made it almost impossible for Bunney to continue with her dream. She finally made up her mind to learn the skill by herself from home.

Learning to DJ at home was not easy at first. For this reason, she befriended accomplished artists such as DJ Slum, DJ Precise, and DJ Vinnie Banton for her aid whenever she needed help.

Besides these stars, DJ Bunney used YouTube tutorials to perfect her skill.

Why the name DJ Bunney?

She acquired the stage name from her late husband. It was a pet name of a game in his phone – the rule of the game was not to kill a Bunney.

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Kisii songs DJ teasers

Bunney made a calculated entry into the entertainment industry by releasing hot teasers featuring Kisii songs latest.

The short productions have left many calling for full versions of her Kisii mix 2020.

Relationship with Kisii artists as a DJ

She recognises MC Miggy Champ Echambioni, Babu Gee Omosayansi, and Vicky Young Ensanako for the excellent work they are doing in the Kisii music scenes.

Bunney enjoys a good relationship with other artists including Cyprian and Victor of Mkisii Ni Mkisii, Miggy Champ, Riranya, Ongengo, and Bikundo. She is open to meeting more.

DJ Bunney 254 mixes

You can now watch and download DJ Bunney mixes; the list is long.

  • Kisii Teaser 4-Dj Bunney254
  • Gusii Gospel Mix DJ Bunney Final
  • DJ Bunney Represents 5 Counties (Teaser1)
  • DJ Bunney254 -Wapi Mix Latest ????😪😪😪
  • Babu Omosayansi Live with MC Miggy Echambioni & Dj Bunney Ndani

Listening to DJ bunny mp3 tracks feels tremendous and drives the pride of Kisii heritage deep down the heart.

Kisii songs mix mp3 download

Fans can now download their favourite mix or teasers on leading streaming sites such as,, and Viusasa.

Also, DJ Bunney 254 mp3 downloads are freely available on third party sites.

Career accomplishments

It is now about three years since Bunney launched her career as a DJ. She has so far opened her speciality beyond Kisii songs to play Arabic, Indian, EDM, Rhumba and more.

She is confident in mixing Hip-Hop, EDM, Old Disco, R&B, Old School, Reggae, old school Gospel, and African music.

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Furthermore, DJ Bunney 254 biography is better and more colourful on the Gusii Creative Awards 2020 list.

DJ Bunney 254 husband and daughter

The celeb is a mother of one now living with her mother. Becoming a singer mother never crossed her mind, but a tragic accident forced her into one.

In 2015, her husband succumbed in a gristly accident in the process, shutting down all the good plans they had together.

Before losing him, the two lovebirds participated in traditional and church dances. Her now 8-year-old daughter prefers singing to dancing and DJing.

Following her success, DJ Bunney family of fans believes that she can sour to greater heights if she maintains her infectious style of play.

DJ Bunney 254 contacts

The Kisii DJ is open to product endorsements and roadshows. She never rests until delivering to expectations.

  • Email:  

You can as well connect through her social media pages: Facebook (DJ bunney254), Twitter (DJ bunney254), and Instagram (DJ_bunney254).

DJ Bunney 254 biography is a masterpiece of a story written between the odds. She is only becoming a stronger woman and a better Disk Jockey.

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