DJ Shiti Wife Photos

DJ Shiti Wife Photos: Daughter Mariam Auma Oduor & Break up Drama With Baby Mama Faiza Hussein

DJ Shiti wife photos are scarce on mainstream social media mostly because the veteran actor prefers to live a private life. Much more familiar are a few instances of drama with his ex-lover and baby mama.

Steven Oduor Dede alias DJ Shiti was born on August 18, 1990, making him 34 years old as of 2024. He grew up in Nakuru City to become a comedian as we know him today.

DJ Shiti wife photos

Is DJ Shiti married? Steven Oduor Dede has not yet paraded his wife in public making it hard for his followers to know if he is married or not. Even so, he recently broke up with Faiza Hussein with whom he has a daughter called Mariam Auma Oduor Ndede.

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DJ Shiti and his fashion icon baby mama Faiza Hussein sired their child Mariam Oduor on June 24th, 2020.

The renowned actor from the ‘Real House Helps of Kawangware’ is however on good terms with his ex-girlfriends despite their bitter breakup. He posted this in celebration of her birthday.

“Happy Birthday @fush_fuzzie aka #Mamamarium aka Mama Malu.”

DJ Shiti.

Heated speculations that the two were in the process of re-uniting have since settled down.

In a recent twist, Faiza told Edgar Obare that DJ Shiti only sent him Ksh. 150 for child support, which led to placing their daughter under his custody.

“I had no intention whatsoever to ever give up on my daughter but whatever I have been through, I have decided to give the father his kid….this is very tough but a necessity. I just hope that she grows into an amazing human and may she forever know that this decision is out of love for her.”

Faiza Hussein.

Miss Faiza Hussein of Somali descent says she is now ready to mingle again.

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DJ Shiti wife photos are not forthcoming even as he is dealing with drama from the recent breakup with the gorgeous Faiza Hussein.

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