Embarambamba Advertisement deals

Embarambamba Advertisement deals with Unilever, how much was Chris Embarambamba Omo advert?

Notice how fast a recently infamous gospel drama conversation has turned into a national talk on interest. Before you know it, Embarambamba advertisement deals are popping on your screens. These, even, as the controversial singer moves from one radio station and television channel to another. Above all, the display of Chris Embarambamba Omo advert is a deserved reward.

Eric Omondi Embarambamba Challenge on YouTube is prove that the Kisii musician is going to places within the circles of creative media. His latest music videos, funny photos, comedy, and likely promotion deals are attracting even greater success.

Chris Embarambamba advertisement deals

A Facebook post from Buko Benard has hinted on a possible deal between Embarambamba and the famous Omo Detergent Kenya Company.

1. Alleged Chris Embarambamba deals with Unilever Company

Unilever is a parent company under which Embarambamba is likely to sign a brand endorsement deal.

Kenyans cannot understand why top advertising agencies have not hired Embarambamba for a promotion gig.

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Unilever’s Omo brand manager is asleep

A Twitter user by the name Peter Oluoch represents a section of Kenyans who are unhappy with the Omo brand.

OMO Brand Manager is asleep. Embarambamba is a GOOD guy to help market the product and help OMO beat Ariel hands down. Imagine Embarambamba saying: OMO WASHES all dirt clean.

Peter Oluoch | Twitter

Even more netizens are curious about the alleged Chris Embarambamba Omo advert project.

Here are the answers from Embarambamba’s Facebook post.

Chris Embarambamba denies Omo advert rumours

Msanii wa Kisii, Embarambamba has finally denied signing a multi-million deal with Omo. Part of his official Facebook post reads.

Aki wakenya Nawapenda sana sababu mnanitakia Masuri lakini kusema ukweli hii mambo ya hii advert sijui Kabisa… Naomba hawa watu wa omo waniite mkutano wanipee hii deal aki ama niaje

Embarambamba Msanii Wa Kisii | Facebook

Furthermore, insider sources indicate no material discussions between Chris Embarambamba and Unilever’s Omo washing detergent company.

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2. Meeting the PPMC Director Dr. Donald Otoyo

Chris Embarambamba met Dr. Donald Otoyo, a director at the Permanent Presidential Music Commission for brand related talks.

Additional PPMC officials joined the two in discussing about Embarambamba’s brand and better ways of monetizing it.

3. SpotOn Vacations takes Embarambamba to the park

Tours and travel company SpotOn Vacation took Embarambamba to Maasai Mara for a wild life adventure.

A video taken at the destination park displays the excited Embarambamba. It brings into live a comic conversation in which Chris is showing interest in a nearby pool of mud.

He seems insistent on jumping out of the car without minding the danger of a crocodile resting within the vicinity.

Is Chris Embarambamba Omo advert a scam?

The multi-talented Embarambamba is yet to win a multi-million brand endorsement deal with any company.

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Even so, he is speedily building a name for himself as a creative label.

Unilever is the most likely candidate to open doors for more Embarambamba advertisement deals. Others include Aerial and Soko Unga Limited. Meanwhile, Kenyans are turning heads upon realizing that Chris Embarambamba Omo advert is another social media stint.

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