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Photo: Profile facts in Eric Omondi biography summary and net worth stats . SRC: @ericomondi

Eric Omondi Biography: 15 Profile Facts – Age, Wife, Jackie Maribe, Brother, Comedy, and Wealth

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Kenyan standup comedian Eric Omondi is a seasoned humorist and Youtuber with deep roots in Churchill Show. The high net worth digital content creator cum brand ambassador brags fame and deep pockets. Noteworthy are 15 profile facts in Eric Omondi biography.

Coming from an ordinary background may have triggered an irresistible sense of humour in Eric Omondi. As a result, he enjoys cracking the audience to the point of tears. All the same, Omondi is not without a touching life story.

15 profile facts in comedian Eric Omondi biography

Comedian Eric Omondi, baby mama Jackie Maribe, and son Zahari
Photo: Comedian Eric Omondi, baby mama Jackie Maribe, and son Zahari . SRC: @ericomondi

Eric Omondi is a household name and a celebrity to watch in the corridors of honour.

Looking beyond satirical music videos and funny clips on our screens is the President of Comedy Africa; who is Eric Omondi?

1. Eric Otieno Omondi is 39 years as of 2023

Comedian Eric Omondi age is 39 years as of 2024 given that he was born on March 9, 1985.

The charming Erico real names Eric Otieno Omondi, and star sign Pisces, celebrates his birthday in style within a ring of close friends, fans, and family.

In addition, he shares the birthday month with Kenyan big wigs Lupita Nyongo, Michael Olunga, Wahu, Sanaipei Tande, Wycliffe Oparanya, and the late Robert Ouko.

2. Omondi’s ancestral home is in Kondele

Comedian Omondi ancestral home in Kondele to the south of Riat Hills and north of Manyatta.

Also from the region is aspiring Langatta MP Jalango formally called Felix Odiwour.

About 60 kilometres to the west along the Kenya-Uganda highway is Nyang’oma Kogelo village where former US President Barack Obama calls home.

3. Comedian Eric Omondi family is polygamous

Speaking to Jalango TV, Erico confirmed coming from a polygamous family in Luo Nyanza.

Eric Omondi father William Oduor had five wives of whom his mother is the fourth.

The comedian was lucky because his father stayed with them in Kisumu even as the other four stepmothers remained in the village.

4. Omondi’s father was a policeman and mother a business lady

Mr William Oduor was a trained policeman; a chief inspector at first and later the OCS of Kisumu Central.

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On the other hand, Eric Omondi mother Marget Omondi Juma was a successful business lady in the early years.

She owned a couple of hotels within the lake region. The first one, called Soweto Hotel, at Nyar Tienam along Victoria shoreline and the second at Kondele.

5. Eric Omondi is a second-born child in a family of 13 siblings

Fred Omondi and Eric Omondi are among the eldest brothers in a family of Mr William Oduor with five wives and 13 children.

Mr Oduor and Marget Omondi Juma sired 4 children. The late Joseph is first born followed by Eric Omondi, then Fred, and last born sister Rose Omondi.

Unfortunately, Joseph succumbed on June 19, 2019, after dealing with Cocaine addiction for at least 19 years amid intensive rehab sessions.

6. Omondi is an Electronic Media/Communication graduate

Eric Omondi education history shows that he attended Kondele primary school between class 1 and class 4.

He then joined Lake primary school from where he sat KCPE exams. Good grades earned Eric a place to study at the adjacent Kisumu Boys High School.

Eric Omondi excelled in his 2002 KCSE exams and proceeded to join Daystar University in August 2003.

All the while, he travelled between Kisumu and Athi River via Ambassador along the Eldoret express way.

In 2010, Eric Omondi graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Electronic Media also called Communication from the prestigious Daystar University.

7. Eric Omondi biography on becoming an orphan at a young age

A lengthy stay of 7 years at Daystar University in a course that usually takes 3 years was because of extreme financial struggles.

He first lost a mother about the same time he was about to join college. A letter with Daystar University fee structure of Ksh. 91,000 per semester added to the wound.

The funny Erico recalls the frustration of a failed fundraiser at Kisumu Pentecostal Church.

For the record, none of the guests invited by Pastor Mbandu showed up except for a few volunteer ushers.

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Shockingly, Erico ended up funding the ushers back home with Ksh. 200 from own savings.

Nonetheless, Eric joined the university without school fees against the will of his policeman father who could not afford it. Sadly, he died a few years later.

8. A scholarship from Daystar University saved Erico from an expulsion

Erico faced Daystar with faith and torn pockets. He miraculously sat for semester one exams but was summoned soon after.

Thereupon, he was spared expulsion and sent home for a suspension lasting one year.

Following a prolonged stay at home came a full scholarship at Daystar University in 2005. The lucky Eric Omondi went back to class eventually graduating in 2010.

9. Omondi travelled to Nairobi City for the first time in 2006

Shifting from Athi River to Nairobi for the first time in 2006 was highly overwhelming for Eric Omondi.

Until then, he only knew a couple of places, Dandora and Kibera, because of resident relatives.

Luckily, Eric Omondi met Daniel Ndambuki Churchill in 2006. He would start to work with him after Kenya’s historical post-election violence of 2007.

10. Churchill discovered Erico Omondi in an event at Daystar University

Daniel Ndambuki was hosting an event at Daystar University when he spotted Erico.

Erico who was an MC at the Churchill event captivated the father of Kenyan Comedy. He started working with him a couple of years later.

11. Eric Omondi joined Churchill Show in 2008

Churchill Ndambuki called Eric Omondi after two years of meeting and bonding at Daystar University.

Then started another journey of patience through 12 episodes for Eric Omondi. He had to wait and follow Churchill Live between episodes 2 and 12. At last, Eric Omondi starred in episode 13.

2008 marked the start of Eric Omondi Churchill Show episodes.

12. The broke Eric Omondi blew into fame within a month

Eric Omondi became extremely famous within 4 episodes but remained extremely broke all along.

Sadly, Churchill Live took a break of two years leaving him stranded without money to protect the big name he had been given on Television.

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13. Eric Omondi biography on a failed KTN Show Hawayuni

While waiting for Churchill to return, KTN approached the poverty-stricken Omondi to host Hawayuni on the news network channel.

Omondi shows that he did not hesitate considering he was dealing with rent arrears of 7 months in a two-bedroom house at Nairobi West.

The inexperienced Omondi received the money ahead of the show which hardly reached the third episode because of poor ratings.

Worse off, his house was auctioned by an understanding landlord who went an extra mile to mask public exposure that would have otherwise ruined his national reputation.

14. The return of Churchill show helped Omondi to shoot back

Following the auction, Eric Omondi stayed with a cousin for a month. News about the return of Churchill Live kicked the comedian back to his feet.

He has since never looked back, at least on financially wellbeing.

Elsewhere, Eric Omondi is the father of one son called Zahari. He was previously in a low key romantic relationship with renowned television queen Jackie Maribe.

15. Eric Omondi biography on being President of Comedy Africa

Erico is a restless hustler in Kenya after Deputy President William Ruto.

Humble beginnings taught him hard lessons he has lived to rewrite with a sweat.

And now, Eric Omondi is all about igniting uncomfortable conversations by using his comic ticket to cross the line of norms.

He does it all through an Instagram Channel of at least 3.6 million followers, a Facebook page of 2.1 million fans,  and a YouTube Channel of about 600k subscribers.

Eric Omondi contacts and addresses

Phone 1+254718891427
Phone 2+254705735516 
Instagram@Eric Omondi
Facebook@Eric Omondi
YouTubeEric Omondi

Call team Erick Omondi for bookings and further inquiries.

Comedian Eric Omondi biography introduces us to a whole new chapter of his untold story. It is no doubt a weaving of early life struggles and later life ecstasy.

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