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List of best estates in Kisii Town: Nyanchwa, Milimani, Mwembe, Jogoo, Menyinkwa, Daraja Mbili

best estates in Kisii town Nyanchwa, Milimani, Mwembe, Jogoo, Menyinkwa, Daraja Mbili

Kisii Town, also called Getembe or Bosongo, has always remained a haven since the colonial era. The urban centre was previously a small village until the 20th century when civilization arrived. Various estates in Kisii town have since outgrown their limits to display the splendor of socio-economic prosperity for all.

Kisii Town was formerly a retreat home for the British soldiers. These fighters settled in Bosongo after failing to conquer the German soldiers over the disputed Lake Victoria. Slow-paced industrial progress within Kisii town eventually became steady in the wake of the 21st century, more specifically in 2007. Stop worrying about where to live in Kisii town because we have a roundup of ready ideas.

Best Estates in Kisii town for residence and business

Most people staying within Kisii town estates and their suburbs are full-time businessmen and agriculturalists.

The fact further cements a recent stat in which Abagusii ranked second most industrious people in Kenya after the Kikuyus.

To wrap it all, Kisii Estates, with untapped business opportunities, attract more residents leaving the rest for executives and working-class persons.

1. Nyanchwa Estate in Kisii Town

The popular Nyanchwa estate has some of the best apartments in Kisii, with scenic and an excellent view of the town centre.

Green vegetation cover and posh flats add to the classic impression of the estate’s ambient surroundings.

The estate sits on the slopes of Nyanchwa Hill Ekerore within the famous Daraja Mbili market Kisii.

Nyanchwa is home to Kenya’s Rap King Boss, and I am Offended hitmaker Smallz Lethal.

Business and rental houses in Nyanchwa

Nyanchwa is primarily a residential area with minimal noise pollution and well-carpeted roads.

Even so, enough shops and groceries are dealing with fast-moving goods and household supplies.

The estate does not have large business store lines because it offers less foot traffic.

Furthermore, The National Housing Corporation has affordable residential apartments along the Nyanchwa Adventist Hospital – Daraja Mbili Market drive.

Nyanchwa social amenities water and electricity

The stately Nyanchwa Estate is accessible from Kisii Town CBD by foot or motorbike via the new Kisii Stadium, recently renamed Simeon Nyachae Stadium.

Notably, Nyanchwa Estate ranks top in the supply of clean water from the Milimani based Gusii Water and Sanitation Company, GWASCO.

Most importantly, the estate guarantees uninterrupted power supply compared to other estates within Kisii Town.

For this reason, many online writing workers, including content writers and academic freelancers, prefer staying in Nyanchwa.

Also, many Kisii county staff members reside in Nyanchwa because it is both secure and accessible.

List of internet service providers in Nyanchwa

Nyanchwa Estate has attracted more internet service providers than any other residential area within the County. Among the best are;

  • Safaricom Home Fibre
  • Giganet Telkoms
  • Jamii Telecom Faiba
  • Gicatech Enterprise Solutions

Here is a summary of top WiFi providers in Nyanchwa Estate, Kisii.

Stereotypes about Nyanchwa estate

Some Kisii town residents have observed that Nyanchwa Estate is home to both salaried and business tycoons.

On the other hand, the estate is a magnet for the most beautiful women, and urban slay queens.

You be the judge regarding whether these stereotypes are true or not.

Business opportunities in Nyanchwa

Nyanchwa Estate population is rising fast, creating an urgent demand for more first-class real estate facilities, recreational centres, and giga-speed internet services.

2. Milimani Estate in Kisii Town

The estate rests on the highest grounds within the Kisii Town centre.

Indeed, Milimani Estate is welcoming to all people regardless of economic class.

Rental houses in Milimani Estate

The estate is highly accessible via the Christa Marianne Hospital Kisii Kenya facilities near Kisii Sports Club and the new Kisii State Lodge apartments.

Most people in Milimani live in their mansions secured with palatial gates.

In between these colourful cribs are low-income housing facilities for both students and low-income workers.

Similarly, some people call Milimani their ancestral home and seem undisturbed with the escalating rate of development around them

Milimani Estate social amenities

Residents in Milimani rely on GWASCO for their water supply needs. However, they suffer occasional shortages because of the raised grounds.

As a result, some locals source clean water from boreholes. Others own large-volume tanks for their daily water needs.

Kiamabundu Mixed Sec School and Bridge International Academy are both within the perimeters of Milimani Estate.

WiFi in Milimani Estate

The estate does not have sufficient WiFi internet coverage apart from broadband data subscriptions.

Competitive ISPs in Milimani include Safaricom PLC, Telkom, Faiba, and Airtel.

The Mwembe based AirFiber Internet Solutions covers a fair part of the estate with fast internet.

Residents living around Milimani Flats, Sydney flats, and Gekomu Primary can now book for a connection.

Business opportunities in Milimani Kisii

Investors can pocket good returns from internet services and water supply investments within the estate.

There is also a need for fast-moving good businesses to hook the residents who often make costly and long trips to the CBD for households.

Milimani Estate stereotypes

There is a prevalent belief that people residing in Milimani are those with deep pockets and own homes.

Is it also true that those who value quietness in their lives often relocate to Milimani Estate?

3. Mwembe Estate Kisii Town

The estate is an all-in-one neighbourhood where hustlers brag shoulders with middle-class residents.

Business and rental houses in Mwembe Estate

The lowers parts of Mwembe are highly congested with closely fitted apartments and slum-like conditions.

In contrast, those on the upper side of Mwembe Estate enjoy better-living conditions.

Overall, Mwembe Estate offers high foot-traffic, which is attractive to small and medium business persons.

A fair portion of Mwembe Estate residents are students in the Kisii National Polytechnic and Kisii University main campus.

Profitable business opportunities in Mwembe

There is no limit on the type of business you can start within Mwembe Estate, thanks to the outburst of resident population.

Unlike other estates, Mwembe runs a 24-hour economy with motorbikes ready even in the middle of the night.

The old norm is picking in slowly even as the country struggles to recover from the coronavirus pandemic blow.

Social amenities in Mwembe

Mwembe bags a fair number of real estate agents in Kisii town. The estate is self-contained with entertainment centres such as Lexur Hotel and Hotspot Lounge.

Besides, Mwembe Estate has medical facilities and other mainstream businesses such as cyber cafes and luxurious hotels.

WiFi Internet in Mwembe Estate

The competition is high for ISPs targeting Mwembe residents.

  • AirFiber Solutions
  • Giganet Telkoms
  • JTL Faiba
  • Gicatech Enterprise Solutions

Luckily, most Telecommunication internet service providers in Kenya have a good signal strength in Mwembe Estate.

Stereotypes about Mwembe Estate

Mwembe Estate is the second most business-friendly centre after Kisii Town central business district.

However, some still perceive Mwembe as the den of hustlers where immorality, cheap liquor, and insecurities rule the day.

4. Jogoo Estate in Kisii Town

The estate overlooks Kisii Town and houses prominent institutions such as Jogoo Primary School and The Kisii National Polytechnic.

Also within Jogoo Estate are the following;

  • Kisii County Prisons
  • Kisii Children’s Home
  • Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI)

The executive Ufanisi Resort is within Jogoo Estate neighbourhoods.

Rental houses in Jogoo are affordable with a good supply of social amenities, including fast internet services.

5. Menyinkwa Estate Kisii

The estate sits along the Kisii Kilgoris highway a few kilometres from the CBD. Menyinkwa is mainly a residential area with a small market centre.

Menyinkwa Estate is rising fast and remains favourable for middle-class earners.

Even better, the estate is highly accessible from the famous Kamel Park Hotel premises.

If you are looking for a land and house for sale in Kisii, then Menyinkwa, Suneka, Kiogoro, Gesonso, and Mosocho are excellent places to start.

6. Nyankongo Estate Kisii

The estate is within reach from Set Green Hill Academy and is nearer to the notorious Winds Park Resort.

Nyankongo is accessible through the Jogoo – Getare Road and the newly tarmacked road proceeding past the old Kenya Power and Lighting Company offices in Kisii.

There are several vacant houses to let within Nyankongo Estate at low rates.

6. Nyamataro Estate Kisii

The estate is welcoming to homeowners and those seeking well-furnished rental houses at reasonable charges.

Estates in Kisii Town around Gusii Stadium

Several other upcoming estates are accepting an overspill of the urban population in Kisii Town.

These include Egesa, Nyambera, Daraja Mbili, Omosocho, Gesonso, Stage Miwa, Maili Mbili, and Kisii Campus.

Elsewhere, Governor James Omariba Ongwae and his deputy Joash Maangi takes credit for the progress that the town has witnessed for the past decade.

Tribal neutrality and political stability continue to spur greater achievements to the depths of Kisii villages.

The number of estates in Kisii Town has doubled within the past few years. The trend will likely hold on even as the County Government of Kisii signs more agreements with real estate, business, and industrial investors.