Diplozz Resort Kisii near the People’s Park

5 Facts about Diplozz Resort Kisii near the People’s Park, Tycoon Owner Alloys Moseti & Contacts

Various facts about Diplozz Resort Kisii reveal that it is a fun spot within Bosongo. The hotel owns a reputation of ensuring comfort and satisfaction. Even better, the quality of service delivered to those who walk in with cravings.

Most Diplozz reviews highlight spacious rooms with extensions of private dining sections. The hotel is indeed an excellent facility for all Kisii town residents and visitors. Above all, it is only at Diplozz where you can easily spot the faces of local celebrities.

Top 5 Facts about Diplozz Resort Kisii, Kenya

Diplozz is not your ordinary destination for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

These 5 interesting facts about Diplozz Hotel are, therefore, worth sharing.

1. Mr. Alloys Moseti is the owner of Diplozz Resort

Kisii tycoon Alloys Moseti is owner of the vibrant Diplozz Hotel.

The low key Alloys Moseti is a former Kisii Town Mayor who in 2017 contested for Kemera Ward MCA seat to no avail.

Mr. Alloys Moseti profile shows that he is a chilled out Kisii investor and politician.

2. Diplozz Hotel is located near the Kisii National Polytechnic

The classy Diplozz Hotel sits a few meters from the Kisii National Polytechnic, along the well carpeted Daraja Moja – Daraja Mbili drive.

Overlooking the hotel entry is Gudka building – next to the restaurant is the newly built Kisii People’s park.

3. High accessibility is an advantage at Diplozz Resort Kisii

The restaurant taps much of its customers from busy streets, especially high profile offices at the town centre.

Employees from nearby institutions including the Kisii County government flock in regularly to quench their appetite.

Another steady stream of clients at Diplozz Resort are dates and meetings.

4. Special diet and enough parking space attracts deep pocket clients

At the front of Diplozz hotel premises is a safe parking space for clients who own cars.

In addition is a special menu which is everything between Nyama Choma, delicious sauces, and your favourite drinks.

Ample parking doubles up with special diets to guarantee satisfied customers.

5. Diplozz is clean, convenient, and customer friendly

High standards of hygiene make Diplozz a good place for those who would love to relax away from home.

The spot is family friendly and also convenient for those addicted to the bottle. For this reason, Diplozz is parked all week long including weekends.

Diplozz Resort Kisii on surviving the 2019 demolitions

Diplozz Resort miraculously survived the 2019 demolitions which was targeting riparian land premises.

Caleb Matoke, the Kisii County deputy police commander, confirmed the arrest of Diplozz owner Alloys Moseti in relation to the demolitions.

His multi-million hotel was eventually spared in what some undocumented sources call a successful court battle.

Diplozz Resort contacts

  • Phone: 0710708353
  • Facebook: @Diplozz_Resort_Kisii

Engage the hotel customer care service for further inquiries on the location, rates, service, and booking.

All the facts about Diplozz Resort Kisii speak of a good legacy hotel in the hospitality industry. Its owner and attendants must be proud of the ongoing success.

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