Untold facts about Yvonne Moraa

5 Untold facts about Yvonne Moraa popularly Actress Sabiri on Ndizi TV, biography and contacts

Yvonne Moraa alias Sabiri on Ndizi TV and Papa Antivirus Show is a fast rising Kisii actress. She is a perfect combination of beauty and brains for a young woman of her age. Various facts about Yvonne Moraa Sabiri are truly motivating.

The Kisii comedy and movie industry has come a long way thanks to the effort of lead characters such as Sabiri. She is a warm hearted star you won’t miss in the list of successful Gusii creatives.  

5 untold facts about Yvonne Moraa Sabiri

Who is Actress Sabiri? Sabiri whose real name is Yvonne Moraa Bokea is a famed actor from Kisii County.

She is an inborn actress with sharp skills in front of the camera. These 5 facts explore the depths of her life story.

1. Actress Sabiri started acting on Okiondo Show

Yvonne Moraa entered Gusii theatres on April 2020 through Okiondo Show. She has since bagged a large following.

Starting up was hard, especially for lacking the required Kisii accent. Sabiri is now grateful to Okiondo for being patient on her.

In addition, Sabiri has opened up her acting gigs with Otiso, Papa Antivirus Show, and the notorious Ndizi TV.

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2. Yvonne received the stage name Sabiri from Director Harrison Moenga

Speaking on Tamba Show, Yvonne Moraa Bokea revealed how she got the stage name Sabiri.

Asked to propose a favourite stage name, Yvonne gave her mother’s name Nyanchama.

Unfortunately, her small body size failed to meet the expectations of people called Nyanchama.

When director Harrison Moenga suggested the name Sabiri, she took it right away.

3. Sabiri is a nursing student at Migori KMTC

Yvonne Moraa is an ongoing nursing student at the Kenya Medical Training College in Migori in her second year as of 2021.

Actress Sabiri education started at Victoria academy. She later sat for her KCPE exams at Bobaracho primary School.

Yvonne joined Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi Secondary School from where she sat for her KCSE exams in 2018.

The actress went on to enrol at Migori KMTC where she divides her time between cameras and classes.

4. She was orphaned at a young age – rare facts about Yvonne Moraa

Actress Sabiri lost her single mother parent at a young age and therefore lost all the chances of knowing his biological father.

For this reason, she finds peace whenever listening to Ngina Monto song by Echate.

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The rest is history because she grew happily under the care of her grandmother.

Actress Sabiri finds pleasure listening to Nyarinda song by MC Miggy.

5. Kisii movie Bosongo Chituka exposed Sabiri to the world

Famed Kenyan publications such as Nation.africa and Tuko.co.ke featured Sabiri for her controversial role in the movie Bosongo Chituka.

Yvonne Moraa went viral for appearing in an emotional scene alongside the acting “sponsor,” Mwalimu Obino Nyambane.

The 55 year old veteran teacher is currently the Kisii County Director of Culture.

Netizens were particularly disturbed with the sponsor twisting Sabiri’s neck and mercilessly landing her face on a hard surface.

“Are you listening? There is time for friendship and there is time for business. This is business.” 

Actor Obino Nyambane, sponsor.

Mike Sonko, former governor of Nairobi, is among the highest ranking Kenyan officials who were heartbroken by the viral video featuring Sabiri.

“Siku hizi these sponsors have become too much, kama hujui kuomba slay queen pole pole aisha kukunywa enda ulale. I’m now idle hebu huyu dame achukue P3 anitafute tuinue huyu shoga.”

Mr Sonko, Facebook.com.

The ex-governor even threatened to sue the alleged sponsor without knowledge that it was a staged drama.

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Sabiri has confirmed feeling overwhelmed upon realising that the clip had leaked to the international audience.

Yvonne Moraa Mistaken for a slay queen

Amid heated attention on Sabiri, leaked her phone number on the internet. As a result, potential sponsors started hunting her for dates.

Most of the older men who sent direct messages to Yvonne Moraa expressed readiness to send fare.

Eventually, the storm rested when angry viewers including close relatives and family members realised that the disturbing clip was an extract from Bosongo Chituka movie.

Yvonne Moraa Sabiri phone number

  • Actress Sabiri contact: 0769598213.

Reach out to Actress Sabiri for support, hot business deals, and further inquiries.

Top facts about Yvonne Moraa Sabiri of Ndizi TV are mind blowing. Most importantly, she is now a nurse in the making and a promising actress in Kisii theatres.

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