Failed Promises by President Ruto

Top 20 Failed Promises by President Ruto: UDA Bottom-Up Economic Turmoil & High Taxation Fix

In the world of politics, promises are the currency of trust, a vital resource that fuels the hopes and aspirations of millions. Yet, too often, these promises dissolve into thin air, leaving behind disillusionment and a trial of broken dreams. The top 20 failed promises by President Ruto justify the dirt of politics.

Now facing intense scrutiny are President William Ruto and deputy president Rigathi Gachagua. The UDA duo stand tall behind a web of overdue promises.

Top 20 Failed Promises by President Ruto

‘Political lies’ are still the order of the day in a world torn apart by economic turmoil.

While it takes optimism to become commander in Chief, it requires serpent strategies to remain in power.

1. Millions of jobs per year for the youth

 President William Ruto made numerous promises to create millions of jobs for the youth during his campaigns.

However, the unemployment rate in the country has not significantly improved, and many young people continue to struggle to find decent employment.

2. Inclusivity and reduction of poverty

The Head of State pledged to implement policies that would alleviate poverty and uplift marginalized communities.

Despite his assurances, poverty levels in many parts of the country remain high as the gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen.

3. Affordable Housing in Kenyan cities

His Excellency promised to provide affordable housing for Kenyan citizens, particularly for low-income earners.

However, the housing crisis in the country persists, with skyrocketing prices and a shortage of affordable housing options for most citizens.

4. Healthcare reform – NHIF for all Kenyans

Ruto pledged to improve healthcare services and make them more accessible to all Kenyans.

However, the healthcare system in the country continues to face significant challenges, including inadequate infrastructure, limited access to quality healthcare, high medical costs, and healthcare worker strikes.

5. Drastic reforms in the Ministry of Education

President Ruto promised to prioritize education and implement reforms to improve the quality of education in the country.

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However, the education system continues to face various challenges, including inadequate resources, overcrowded classrooms, and a lack of qualified teachers.

6. Countrywide infrastructure development

Ruto made grand promises to invest heavily in infrastructure development, including roads, railways, and airports.

He promised to enhance public transportation systems, invest in mass transit, and reduce traffic congestion.

However, the progress in infrastructure development has been slow, and many crucial projects remain unfinished or delayed.

Failure to fulfil these promises can be attributed to a lack of effective project management, corruption, and mismanagement of funds.

7. Waging war on rampant corruption

President Ruto pledged to combat corruption and ensure transparency and accountability in his government.

However, corruption remains a pervasive problem in Kenya, with numerous high-profile corruption scandals implicating government officials.

Critics argue that he has failed to effectively tackle corruption and hold accountable those implicated in corrupt practices.

8. Agricultural transformation and food security

The president highlighted the importance of the agricultural sector and promised to support farmers through better access to credit, modern farming techniques, reduction of fertilizer prices, and market opportunities.

However, farmers continue to face numerous challenges, including inadequate access to credit, poor infrastructure, and limited market opportunities.

9. Improving national security and reduction of crime

Ruto pledged to prioritize security and reduce crime rates in the country.

However, Kenya continues to face significant security challenges, including terrorism, organized crime, and inter-communal conflicts.

10. Affordable electricity to power a digital economy

Ruto promised to address the challenges in the power sector and ensure reliable and affordable electricity for all Kenyans.

He also pledged to increase electricity access in rural areas.  However, power outages and high electricity costs persist, especially in rural areas.

11. “Mama mboga and boda boda” access to credit and financial support

Ruto promised to facilitate easier access to credit and financial support for mama mboga. He claimed that he would establish special loans, grants, and training opportunities to help them expand their business.

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Unfortunately, these financial assistance programs have not materialized leaving mama mboga without the support they were promised.

12. Free calls and free internet for Kenyans

Ruto made grand promises to Kenyan citizens regarding free calls and free internet access during his political campaigns.

However, this promise has turned out to be nothing more than empty rhetoric, as Ruto has failed to deliver on his commitments.

13. Reduction of fuel prices to spur economic growth

During his campaign, Ruto assured the Kenyan public that if elected, his government would implement policies to lower fuel prices, which had been a significant concern for the citizens.

However, despite the promise, Ruto’s administration is unable to deliver on its commitment to decrease fuel prices.

Fuel prices in Kenya have remained high during his tenure, and the cost of living has continued to be a pressing issue for many citizens.

14. Decrease in the price of unga (maize flour)

During his public appearances, President Ruto pledged to reduce the cost of unga to make it more affordable for the average citizen “Hustlers.”

He recognized the burden that high food prices placed on the majority of Kenyans, particularly those living below the poverty line.

However, despite his assurances, the cost of unga has remained high, and Ruto is unable to fulfil his promise of reducing the prices.

15. Reduce the prices of cooking gas

During his campaign, Ruto pledged to reduce the prices of gas, which would have been  a welcome relief for, many Kenyan households and businesses heavily reliant on this energy source.

Unfortunately, despite the expectations generated by his assurance, Ruto has been unable to deliver on his promise of reducing gas prices.

16. Supporting ‘HUSTLERS’ through the Bottom Up initiative

Ruto pledged to support SMEs by creating a conducive business environment and access to NO interest loans “HUSTLER FUND.”

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However, challenges such as limited access to capital and burdensome regulations persist for entrepreneurs.

“The hustler fund is too small. it cannot sustain Kenyans. We say thank you, Mr President, for supporting us with KSh 500 airtime. That m one cannot even buy a crate of eggs which currently sells at Ksh 600.”

A Kisii resident.

They say that the loan limit allocated is insufficient to start a simple business like egg selling.

17. Ethnic and political unity for all

Ruto pledged to foster political unity and inclusivity in his government, particularly through his “Hustler Nation” narrative.

However, his political ambitions and rifts within the ruling party, UDA, have contributed to divisions and political tensions.

18. The promise of Tax reduction

During his campaign and subsequent political rallies, Ruto emphasized his intention to alleviate the financial burden on Kenyan citizens by reducing taxes.

He argued that lower taxes would stimulate economic growth, attract foreign investment, and ultimately improve the standard of living for all Kenyans.

His failure to deliver on this commitment undermines public trust, hinders economic growth, and negatively affected the middle class.

19. Free NHIF cover for the marginalized

During his political campaigns, Ruto pledged to ensure that every Kenyan would receive free NHIF cover.

This promise was made with great enthusiasm and received considerable attention from the public, as many Kenyans struggle to afford quality healthcare.

20. Youth empowerment through project capitation

Ruto emphasized the importance of empowering the youth through creating job opportunities, skills training, and entrepreneurship support.

The top 20 failed promises by President Ruto signal a sharp turnaround of Chief Hustler even as Kenyans keep hoping for better economic times.

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