FiberOne Internet Packages & Prices

FiberOne Internet Packages & Prices: List of Plans, Coverage, Installation Cost, and Contacts

FiberOne internet packages & prices are widely appealing among netizens who can pay anything for gigabyte speeds. Available plans come at a fair installation fee.

FiberOne is by far the largest Fiber to the Home broadband provider in West Africa. Its services are voice and broadband inclusive.

FiberOne internet packages & prices

No data cap plans and 24-hour customer support are some of the reasons why Fibre One is a prosperous ISP.

FibreOne packages are summarized below;

List of Lagos FiberOne internet

i. Lagos residential plans

The installation fee is ₦ 44,820.

16 Mbps₦ 11,994
43 Mbps₦ 21,454
65 Mbps₦ 31,754
88 Mbps₦ 47,955
152 Mbps₦ 66,750

ii. Lagos business plans

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The installation fee is ₦ 45,090.

31 Mbps₦ 14,104
55 Mbps₦ 30,655
100 Mbps₦ 55,200

The installation fee is ₦ 52,250.

170 Mbps₦ 81,765
250 Mbps₦ 108,865
500 Mbps₦ 163,456

There are even more FiberOne Internet Packages & Prices!

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