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Fred Matiangi Wife Biography: Photos, Age, Children, Family, Real Names, CV, & 3 Profile Facts

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Dr Fred Okengo Matiangi is a powerful Kenyan politician with an unmatched performance record in public offices. He is an influential figure you will not miss in the headlines. Even then, Fred Matiangi wife biography has for a long time been missing in the limelight.

Most Kenyan politicians prefer keeping their wives on a low key to avoid excessive scrutiny. That is certainly the case for the embattled former super CS Matiangi without a single confirmed photo of inner family members.

3 Profile facts in Fred Matiangi wife biography

The un-pictured woman who keeps Matiangi in check must be an iron lady.

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Three profile facts are evident despite her firm inclination to privacy.

1. Fred Matiangi spouse is a mother of two children

Is Matiangi married? Yes. Fred Matiangi is happily married and a proud father of two children.

Mrs Matiangi is certainly the source of his charisma in leadership.

2. The wife of Matiangi is a middle-aged woman

Several wiki posts which remain unconfirmed indicate that Matiangi wife is a young queen in her 40s.

That said, Matiangi regularly lands in Kisii and Nairobi homes to spend quality time with close family members.

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3. Matiangi wife name and photos are scarce

Matiangi rarely speaks about his wife or personal life on camera. Reporting to the Daily Nation at his Harambee House office, Matiangi had no option but to comment on his family.

At last, he publicly acknowledged his lawfully wedded wife and children in an attempt to dispel false claims alleging he was nursing COVID-19 in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“I feel for my family. My wife and children have their own lives but were subjected to false reports. They are private citizens paying the price of me being in limelight.”

Dr Fred Matiangi.

During the interview, he pronounced that the ill-intended rumours had affected his family members who are rather innocent and minding their peace.

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Fred Matiangi wife biography shares a glimpse of a woman standing tall behind a successful man. Kenyans cannot wait for the day she will step into the limelight.

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