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Simeon Nyachae biography, family history, sons, 6 wives, 35 children, properties, wealth, politics

Simeon Nyachae biography, age, Sansora Group, and NCBA

Simeon Nyachae was a long-standing politician with years of experience in Kenyan leadership. The former government minister from Kisii County was equally a skilled businessperson. Reliable sources identify him as a multi-million investor. Simeon Nyachae biography focuses on his life story, family, sons, wealth, properties, house, and death news.

Simeon Nyachae’s legacy in civil service and politics attracts admiration. Many look up to him for placing the Kisii community in the right hand of the government. The family’s stinking wealth exceeds that of other Kisii tycoons.

Simeon Nyachae profile summary

  • Real name: Simeon Nyachae
  • Popularly: Simeon Nyachae
  • Date of birth: February 6, 1932
  • Died: February 1, 2021
  • Birth sign: Aquarius
  • Place of birth:  Nyaribari, Kisii County
  • Simeon Nyachae age: 88 years
  • Ethnicity: Kisii
  • County: Kisii County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Simeon Nyachae grandfather: Chief Onyancha Oando
  • Hon Simeon Nyachae father: Chief Musa Nyandusi
  • Simeon Nyachae mother: Paulina Bosibori
  • Occupation:  Politician, businessperson
  • Political Party: Ford Kenya and later Jubilee
  • Simeon Nyachae wife: Grace Wamuyu Nyachae, and 5 others
  • Simeon Nyachae children: 35
  • Years active: 1954 to present

Simeon Nyachae is famous for serving as a Member of Parliament in the Nyaribari Chache constituency. He was also a respected Kenyan Government cabinet minister.

Simeon Nyachae biography with photos

Photo: Simeon Nyachae biography summary . SRC: @Nyachae/Facebook

The grip of power has seen the Nyachae family prospering throughout the years. They are now a political class family.

Simeon Nyachae brother James Oiruria

Nyachae had an elder brother called Chief James Oiruria. Unfortunately, he died in 2007.

Nyachae’s outgoing and talkative nature explains why Chief Nyandusi preferred him to his less outgoing elder brother.

Simeon Nyachae education profile

Early exposure to western education gave Simeon Nyachae an unequalled advantage against other tribesmen.

  • 1941 –Enrolled at Nyanchwa Seventh Day Adventist School
  • 1947 –Started schooling at Kereri intermediate school
  • 1949 –Enrolled at the Kisii Government African School
  • 1957 –Public administration studies at Torquay Academy
  • 1960s –Public administration diploma at Churchill College, Cambridge

Nyandusi strongly believed in education as the only tool of success in days to come.

List of Simeon Nyachae wives

The untold stories of Simeon Nyachae biography and profile facts are unending.

Simeon Nyachae wife Grace Wamuyu

Grace Wamuyu Nyachae is the most popular of Nyachae’s six wives. She is a former State House secretary from Kenyatta’s reign.

Meeting and marrying Grace Wamuyu

Nyachae met the 19-year-old beauty when she was serving as a Provincial Commissioner in Nyeri. About this time, Wamuyu had received a transfer from State House to Nyeri.

One of his wives, Esther Kerubo Nyachae, died on August 30, 2016.

Simeon Nyachae wife Paulina Bosibori

James Oiruria and Nyachae are sons of Chief Nyandusi and his fifth wife, Paulina Bosibori. She had a good grounding in the SDA faith.

Simeon Nyachae sons and daughters

The polygamous family of six known wives has raised several siblings. Simeon Nyachae children include the following;

  • Charles Nyachae –eldest son
  • Michael Nyachae –lawyer
  • Leon Nyandusi –England, Architect
  • Moses Nyandusi –England, Accountant
  • Lee Nyachae –Lee Construction, Engineer
  • Joseph Nyandusi –West Virginia University, Lecturer

Other siblings include Esther, Eric, Kenneth Angela, Pauline, Judy, and Wanjiku Nyachae.

Some of Simeon Nyachae sons and daughters live in Kenya, while the rest live and work abroad.

Simeon Nyachae professional profile

Nyachae started working in his early 20s and rose steadily into higher ranks in government.

  • 1954 –District clerk in the chief camp office
  • 1960 –Became a Division District Officer in Kangundo
  • 1963 –District commissioner
  • 1964 –Rose to the rank of a provincial administrator
  • 1965 –Became a Provincial Commissioner 
  • 1979 –Started working as chief secretary in the Civil Service 
  • 1987 –Retired as the last chief secretary office holder

Determination drove Simeon Nyachae into working restlessly throughout his life

Simeon Nyachae political profile

Photo: Simeon Nyachae former MP Nyaribari Chache Constituency . SRC: @Nyachae/Facebook

The wealthy Kisii leader worked closely with the government throughout his professional career.

Turning heads to politics would forever change the fate of the Simeon Nyachae family.

  • 1992 –Became an official KANU member and lasted until 2000
  • 1992 – Became Nyaribari Chache Member of Parliament for one term ending 1997
  • 1998 –Agriculture Cabinet Minister and later Minister of Finance
  • 1999 – Disagreed with Moi and resigned from the cabinet position
  • 2002 –Ford Kenya Party presidential aspirant
  • 2004 –Minister for Energy in Kibaki’s Government
  • 2006 –Became the Roads and Public Works minister
  • 2007 –Aspirant MP Nyaribari Chache Constituency

While Simeon Nyachae failed in the 2002 general elections, he managed to enter parliament with a strong team of 14 Ford Kenya affiliate MPs.

Surprisingly, the Waki report named Simeon Nyachae as one of the masterminds of the 2007/2008 post-election violence.

Simeon Nyachae family history

The renowned Nyachae comes from a polygamous home. He was the favourite of his late father and powerful colonial chief, Musa Nyandusi.

Simeon Nyachae father Musa Nyandusi

The late Nyandusi was both an influential leader and a powerful spokesperson of the Kisii people in the early years.

He enjoyed a brotherly relationship with President Jommo Kenyatta as well as the colonial masters.

The British government awarded Chief Musa Nyandusi with the Service to the Crown medal.

Musa Nyandusi and Jommo Kenyatta

Hiding Mzee Jommo Kenyatta from the colonial masters in his Kisii home united the two noble families.

Chief Musa Nyandusi profile also reveals that he was a polygamous man with 15 wives. He owned a school for his more than 100 children.

Musa Nyandusi father Onyancha Oando

Musa Nyandusi father is Chief Onyancha Oando of the early 20th century. Nyandusi took over from him and served for over 30 years between the 1920s and 1964.

Chief Nyandusi succumbed to cancer in 1970 and one of his wives more recently in 2009 at the age of 94 years.

Musa Nyandusi wealth and influence

Nyaandusi shocked locals in 1943 when he acquired the expensive Fordson and Chevrolet Sedan into his motor cars fleet.

Besides, he owned “Chitinga Chia Musa” flour mill businesses, which graced his reputation further.

Simeon Nyachae properties and business investments

Photo: President Uhuru Kenyatta and Simeon Nyachae . SRC: @NationAfrica/Twitter

The Nyachae family houses several businesses. Some of these are in Kericho, Kisii, Kisumu, Mombasa, Narok, Nyeri, Sotik, and Nairobi.

Most of his profitable companies fall in the real estate, aviation, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and banking categories.

1. Sansora Group, Kabansora, and Swan businesses

Simeon Nyachae started Sansora Bakery in 1954. This Kisii Town based company later changed its name to Sansora Group.

Nyachae shares deep interests in wheat and flour milling firms such as Swan and Kabansora.

Simeon Nyachae wealth includes assets and properties with a high net worth value.

2. Multi-hectares of land and real estates

The Nyachae family owns hectares of land within Kisii County. They also own several houses across Kenya and beyond.

Records indicate that his father donated land to start Kisii High School and Gusii Stadium.

3. NCBA Group shares

Nyachae has about 8.6 million shares in NCBA, which are equivalent to about Ksh 300 million.

He is a significant shareholder in the NCBA bank alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta and Philip Ndegwa –the former Central bank governor.

4. CBA Group shares

Nyachae, who only had about 3.1 million shares in CBA, now brags over 8.6 million. NCBA is a CBA Group – NIC Group merger with Nairobi Securities Exchange listing.

NCBA Bank ranks third in the country for its high asset value.

5. Credit Bank Ltd shares

Sansora Group Limited has enabled Nyachae to hit a 21.46 percent share price within Credit Bank.

His wife Grace manages Credit Bank Ltd, which recorded assets worth Ksh17.8 billion as of December 2018.

6. Wheat farming in Mau-Narok

Wheat farming in the Mau Narok field enabled the powerful former minister to start the Sansora Agricultural Group.

7. Simeon Nyachae house

The ex-minister owns a stately home in Loresho, Nairobi, suggesting deep pockets. Simeon Nyachae home is, however, in Kisii County.

8. More businesses and properties

Sansora Group equally enabled Nyachae to venture into First Chartered Securities Limited and Kentainers (Kenya) Limited.

He is also a significant shareholder in Simbi Roses Ltd. The company is notorious for exporting flowers to Europeans countries.

In Simeon Nyachae biography archives are also several commercial properties and residential apartments.

Simeon Nyachae death

Photo: Simeon Nyachae survived with 6 wives and 35 children . SRC: @Nyachae/Facebook

Confirmed! Simon Nyachae is dead. The ex-presidential aspirant died on February 1, 2021, barely ten days after his death rumours stifled the internet.

The Nyachae family confirmed the sudden passing through a press briefing.

Simeon Nyachae death cause

Family members confirmed that Nyachae died from an illness he has been battling for a long time now.

The briefing did not provide further information about the condition.

Simeon Nyachae health

Nyachae’s ill health condition went public in 2018 following an accidental trip.

Family members took him to Nairobi Hospital and later airlifted him to London.

Nyachae death rumours

January 20, 2021, ended with the death rumours about Nyachae circulating fast. Mixed reactions have since ensued this sad news leaving many in a state of confusion.

Dennis Itumbi, HSC, was among the first to bash Simeon Nyachae’s death rumours #RIPNyachae on Twitter.

Simeon Nyachae burial news and funeral

Friends and family members flocked at Maxwell SDA Church to eulogize the late Nyachae.

Grace Wamuyu is among those who attended the Simeon Nyachae Mass ahead of his funeral on Monday, February 15, 2021.

The kisiifinest.co.ke has determined that Kenyans will remember Simeon Nyachae for his public service dedication.

Simeon Nyachae biography highlights the power and influence of Chief Onyancha Oando and his son Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi. It is interesting how the Simeon Nyachae family has remained in favour of all governments since independence.