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Gameas is a viral crypto asset manager in the current financial profitability market. The investment company brags a strong backbone of smart traders. Furthermore, the company claims streaming a pool of capital from financial trading solutions such as cryptocurrency, arbitration, forex, and multi market. Is legit or scam?

The famous Gameas is spreading fast amid controversies on its legitimacy. The fact that most people are already smiling their way to the bank adds to its fair credit. Even so, allegations that Gameas is a Ponzi scheme are not ignorable.

Understanding Gameas Investment, what is Bitcoin?

Gameas Investment rely on Bitcoin valuation to fund its operations regarding to money trading and sharing of profits.

What is Bitcoin and how does it work?

Bitcoin is a recently invented digital currency requiring no middle men and third parties to function.

Bitcoin works as a decentralized currency making it easier to function without depending on government regulations, banks, and other large corporations. Bitcoin concept – legit or scam

Think of bitcoin as a public ledger with a detailed record of bitcoin ownership.

Unlike traditional physical cash currency, Bitcoin is a government and multi-institution verified virtual currency.

Upcoming sections provides useful info and answers to FAQs about Gameas.

Gameas Investment Company origin, owner, location, headquarters

The famous Gameas launched its operations on February 21, 2020.

The company of at least three months has already spread far and wide, especially in the European and African continent.

Huge returns on investments remain a core incentive behind booming Gameas membership.

Headquarters offices location address

Gameas Investment Company has its headquarters in Portugal with overwhelming presence in the United States of America, Spain, Switzerland, and England.

Spreading to other parts of the world including Africa only took weeks since starting operations in the European Continent.

Who owns Founder and CEO

Gameas Investment founding boss is Dionísio Simões. He is the chief executive officer of the company that rolled out trading platform.

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Other tycoon owners of Gameas remain unconfirmed. Nonetheless, the crypto company insists on smart and secure investment.

Biography of Gameas owner Dionísio Simões

LinkedIn profile facts about Dionísio Simões indicate he is a passionate bitcoin investor.

We are yet to establish the authenticity of his LinkedIn profile. As such, more details about the origin of Gameas are underway.

Is legit or scam? The fact that Dionísio Simões is not a public figure continues to spark concerns.

Definitive guide on how the Gameas Investment account works

News users must have a verified account before they start trading on the platform.

The registration and login process are summarized below. account registration and login

New investors can only join through referrals offered by existing customers.

Therefore, an indicate login code is a requirement on the registration page (

List of Gameas registration requirements – legit or scam?

  • Registration plan
  • Login Identification
  • Wallet bitcoin
  • Subscriber names
  • Email address for withdrawals
  • New password
  • Country and its code login guide

Users can access their accounts at the link (

Gameas login requirements include the login Id and password.

Online presence check – legit or scam?

The company Gameas is available on almost all social media platforms alongside a branded web portal.

Assurance of running on automated and intelligent systems is a core part of all social media marketing strategies at

Gameas Investment Facebook account

The GameasCoin Roadmap has attracted several Facebook users to the platform.

Those with more referrals stand a higher chance of earning more conveniently and increasing their pay rate.

The Gameas Investment Facebook page has about 500 followers as of May 2021.

Gameas Zoom meetings –

Daily zoom meetings help in bringing together a confident team of investors from across the world.

These frequent meetings are useful in addressing common challenges facing individual members.

Gameas Investment earnings and Return on Investment

Gameas Investment Bitcoin investment platform, plan tables, profit graph, and referral tree
Photo: Gameas Investment Bitcoin investment platform, plan tables, profit graph, and referral tree . SRC: Facebook page provides the necessary investment assurance with a promise of up to 200% return on investment within 50 days.

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Gameas bonus ROI – legit or scam

The site rewards its investors with a guaranteed daily pay of 4% all week long.

Notice that the minimum deposit is $10 while the minimum earning withdrawal is $10.

Binary bonus explained – legit or scam?

Start by assembling your binary team then a person on the right side and another on the left.

As a result, you will earn 12% of the points generated by the smaller leg as illustrated in the company provided manual.

All Gameas terms and conditions

  1. Age limit of 18 years and above
  2. Accessing site is restricted to members, hence transactions are private
  3. Gameas transactions are exempt from the US Securities Act of 1933 hence not insured by the FDIC
  4. A pledge of keeping all materials private, protected, and confidential
  5. All information provided to Gameas will not be shared with third parties. Also, the company takes no responsible for any data loss.
  6. The user owns the investment risk as there is no guarantee of smooth performance. Therefore, all the information available on is for educational purposes as opposed to investment advice.
  7. Gameas owns the right of changing rules, commissions, and fees without necessarily providing prior notice
  8. The platform Gameas takes no responsibility for losses and damages resulting from violating its terms and conditions
  9. Gameas has the right to accept or decline membership without offering explanations. Also, it is illegal to share bad reviews without clearing the matter with the administrators
  10. Make sure you agree with all the above requirement before proceeding.

The above list of rules and regulations informs all the investments at

5 reasons why Gameas is a scam ( legit or scam)

Most Gameas investors remain worried following delayed payments.

The declining value of Bitcoin is also worrisome. Is Gameas legit?

  1. runs private transactions which are not regulated by trusted financial authorities
  2. The company website offers little to no information about its ownership and executives membership
  3. Gameas operational strategies qualify it as a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme. Based on previous experiences, such businesses often end fraudulently.
  4. Guaranteed returns on investment is a clear warning sign because the model is not sustainable in real world economics.
  5. Gameas has only mentioned but not demonstrated how it streams millions in profit to satisfy a growing number of subscribers on a guaranteed basis
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No one knows for sure how the company started and how it managed to win several converts within months.

Is legit or scam? Is it working today?

Yes, still possible to deposit, transact, and initiate withdrawals on Gameas. Sadly, investors are no longer receiving their accrued earning.

The site managers has already issues a statement in acknowledgement of the delay. In addition, they hinted a delay of up to 10 days.

Sadly, many investors are yet to receive their pay after expiry of the 10 days. No further communication seems to be coming forth

Notably, the Gameas issued its last payment on May 4, 2021. That is perhaps why YouTube videos are sharing negative votes.

Is the now rocky Gameas following the path of Amazon Web Worker app which disappeared from Google Play Store without trace?

Gameas contacts

  • Website:
  • Email:

Gameas career path came in with an irresistible appeal, especially to those at the top of the pyramid.

That may no longer be the case for its pool of ambitious investors.

Is legit or scam? Only time will tell if indeed Gameas was a smart and secure investment after all.

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