George Wajackoyah Cars

George Wajackoyah Cars: 38 Million Bentley, Lexus, Prado, Land Cruiser, & Expensive Gold Watch

Roots Party flag bearer George Wajackoyah is a Kenyan politician notorious for his controversial 12-point manifesto. His plan to legalise bhang and reinstate capital punishment for the corrupt is still a full-blown debate among supporters and critics. Equally on the headlines is a collection of George Wajackoyah cars and rare golden timepieces.

Not many Kenyans know Wajackoyah for his expensive lifestyle marked with a garage of fuel guzzlers. High net worth anonymity is a result of excessive simplicity. His stinking rich empire is no longer a secret.

George Wajackoyah cars – Gold watch, SUV, & Bentley

The Roots party candidate cruises around the country campaigning in a white SUV Lexus 570 worth Ksh. 18 million.

He uses a total of 18 cars to pop his comic relief manifesto to every part of the country. In the fleet are flashy Prados and black tinted Land Cruisers.

“For me, cars don’t really matter a lot. I have a fleet of vehicles. I also collect jewelry, gold, but those things are just a hobby. Even my kids don’t really see it as anything. My son just bought another car the other day, he bought a GMC.”

Prof Wajackoyah.

The latest news about Wajackoyah riding in a classy Bentley is still in the air.

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Similarly, he is respected for owning a gold watch worth Ksh. 18 million.

“This watch is about Ksh18 million. This watch is one of the most expensive gold watches in the world. I am a watch collector.” 

Prof Wajackoyah.

Besides, he gifted his doppelganger (lookalike) Gordon Owino with a gold watch running into millions.

“I have never given this kind of gift to anyone in the world. Only my grandson who is in Spain, I gave him a Ksh7 million watch.”

Prof Wajackoyah.

Wajackoyah is indeed a deep-pocket scholar turned politician.

Wajackoyah’s multi-million Bentley car

Prof Wajackoyah allegedly owns a fleet of cars in the United States, United Kingdom, and motherland Kenya.

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In his garage is a posh Bentley which allegedly cost him Ksh. 38 million.

He recently posted the monster machine on social media but deliberately declined to authenticate its ownership and price tag.

“Wachana hizo juu people will say I’m a joker. Let me remain; stay being a joker.”

Prof Wajackoyah.

His first ride Toyota Corolla is by far the cheapest car in his fleet. Cars aside, he runs a classy office within the leafy Karen Estate.

Prof Wajackoyah’s office

Wajackoyah runs a spacious office within Karen Estate. Within his workplace are Victorian-era furniture, vintage boss chair, and mahogany desks.

On top of that, a library wall unit aligned with hard-cover philosophical books, a decorative guitar, and golden sculptures.

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In January 2022, Wajackoyah revealed that he owns a farm in Texas. He went on to declare his intention of converting the parcel into an industrial marijuana ranch.

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