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Photo: Prof George Wajackoyah Home Photos . SRC: @GeorgeWajackoyah

George Wajackoyah Home Photos: Tribe, Ancestral Village House, & Fatherland Kakamega County

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George Wajackoyah home photos are lately a conversation starter owing to his position as a presidential candidate alongside Raila Odinga, DP William Ruto, and David Mwaure Waihiga of the Agano Party. He is everything from a comedian to a professor with classy mansions and cars.

Nation Media Group recently toured Wajackoyah’s village home in Luhya land with the intent of telling his story to a legion of his followers. Managing editor Bernard Mwinzi would detail the trip in an informative publication.

George Wajackoyah home photos

Prof Wajackoyah’s ancestral homestead is in Indangalasia Village within Matungu in Kakamega County. It is located a few meters from the borderline separating Kakamega and Siaya County.

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The people of western Kenya are proud of Wajackoyah being their son and the most prominent presidential candidate from Kakamega County.

Wajackoyah’s biological brother Mr Charles Luchiri spoke to The Nation crew.

“While another Luhya, Musalia Mudavadi, has vied for the presidency before, he comes from Vihiga County…This is the first time in the history of the country that we have a presidential candidate in Kakamega County. He had a rough childhood and his story inspires us all to dream on.” 

Mr Charles Luchiri.

As a matter of fact, Kakamega County produced Mr Cyrus Jirongo for the state house position in 2017.

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George Wajackoyah home mansion

Photos of Wajackoyah’s village house flaunt a medium-sized palatial residence still under construction.

The crib sits along the edge of the compound with its main door facing toward a couple of access gates.

Wajackoyah may have decided to build himself a decent home because of his presidential plans.

According to his brother Charles Luchiri, Wajackoyah spends most of his time in Kisumu City.

Despite that, Wajackoyah is a popular man in his village. Locals love him for his selflessness in building houses for the needy and paying school fees for less fortunate students.

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Wajackoyah’s childhood house

George Wajackoyah Ancestral Family House
Photo: George Wajackoyah Ancestral Family House . SRC: @GeorgeWajackoyah

Born in 1959, Wajackoyah suffered the agony of a divorced family. Labelled a witch, her mother Melania moved outside the community and lived in the above pictured hut for a record 49 years.

Prof George Wajackoyah home photos are heart-warming to a majority of loyal Kenyan followers; a towering impression is particularly welcome among immediate neighbours.

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