Gloria Moraa Nyaboke biography

Gloria Moraa Nyaboke biography: Age, husband, Instagram, Ujinga za Fikita Naman actress videos

Gloria Moraa, popularly Nyaboke wa Fikita, is a multitalented comedian now a role model to several upcoming stars. The former Tahidi High Actress is unforgiving when it comes to creating trendsetting video clips. Away from the screens is Gloria Moraa Nyaboke biography with untold facts about her age, husband, and latest videos on YouTube.

Watching Victor Naman comedy in which Nyaboke is a lead actor guarantees more than entertainment. The series upholds moral values with an emphasis on gender roles and relationships. Good chemistry between actors Victor Naman and Nyaboke adds to the flavour.

Gloria Moraa Nyaboke actor profiles summary

  • Real name: Gloria Moraa Nyariki
  • Nickname: Nyaboke
  • Date of birth: September 20, 1984
  • Birth sign: Virgo
  • Place of birth: Keumbu, Kisii
  • Nyaboke actor age: 38 years
  • Tribe: Kisii
  • County: Kisii County
  • Occupation:  Actress & comedian
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Children: 4
  • Parents: Mr and Mrs Nyariki
  • Years active: 2006 to present

Gloria Moraa Nyariki is famous for unleashing funny videos alongside Victor Naaman, also called Fikita.

Actress Gloria Moraa Nyaboke biography with pictures 

Gloria Moraa inherited the comic character from her late father and nurtured it to become a well-paying opportunity.

Kenyans have come to love her for exposing annoying social habits on the screens.

Childhood and early life experiences

Nyaboke actor was born in Nairobi and grew up in Kibera Estate along Karanja Road.

Her family later moved to Utawala Estate, where her mother stays now.

Gloria Moraa biography mentions that she realized her talent as a comic personality at a young age.

Inspiration from friends and family members drove her to give it a try as she came of age.

How old is Nyaboke the actor?

Gloria Moraa Nyariki age is 38 years. HerFacebook profile indicates that she celebrated the 38th birthday on September 20, 2022.

Gloria Moraa Nyaboke education

Nyaboke actor attended Olympic Primary School in Kibera, Nairobi. She later enrolled at Trikha Girls Secondary School in Thika.

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Gloria Moraa Nyaboke actor family background

The home of actress Nyaboke is in Kisii, only that she has spent a better part of her life in Nairobi and its neighbourhoods.

Nyaboke actor biography provides that her ancestral home is in Keumbu, Kisii County.

Actor Nyaboke parents – father and mother

Nyaboke actor is the daughter of Mzee Nyariki, who died in 2016. On the other hand, Gloria Moraa often posts pictures of her charming and look-alike mother on Instagram.

There are scarce details in Gloria Moraa biography about her mother, brothers, and sisters.

Gloria Moraa Nyaboke biography on siblings

Ujinga za Victor actress Nyaboke is a fifth born in a family of six siblings, two boys and four girls.

Her brothers and sisters are all adults pursuing different careers.

Gloria Moraa husband

Who is Benjamin Ayimba wife? Gloria Moraa and coach Ayimba have a couple of children together but were not legally married before his death.

The two parents enjoyed a good bond of 7 years until Nyaboke started exposing Ayimba as an irresponsible father.

Comedian Nyaboke alleged that the estranged baby daddy Benjamin Ayimba, now deceased, was not taking care of his children.

Meanwhile, Coach Benjamin Ayimba faced similar charges from another woman called Fabricia Odhiambo.

Is actor Nyaboke married?

Gloria Moraa is not married and has not confirmed if she is dating or planning to seal a marital union.

Wedding bells will remain on standby until the beauty queen opens up about her marital status and love life.  

Gloria Moraa Nyaboke children

The vocal comedian is a proud mother of four children for whom she prefers the title mom.

Actor Nyaboke’s adorable kids are Achieng Marie, Ethan Omari, Otieno Benjie, Hawi Nyakundi.

Youthful looks make it harder for most of her supporters to believe she is a mother of a 16 years older princess daughter and three younger hunks.  

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Nyaboke Gloria Moraa baby daddy Benjamin Ayimba dead

The late rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba and Gloria Moraa Nyaboke met and fell in love in 2012.

Away from the court feuds is a couple that called and went for dates often.

Gloria Moraa baby daddy Benjamin Ayimba died on May 22, 2021 with confirmation from a close family member, Oscar Osir.

The 44 year old Ayimba died from cerebral malaria after months of battling the deadly disease.  

He was previously hospitalised at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) before his health condition worsened.  

Gloria Moraa Nyaboke actor career

Actress Nyaboke started her screen career with Tahidi High in 2006. After that, Wingu La Moto producers spotted her talent and natural skills.

Gloria Moraa has since taken part in different screen sets, including Makutano Junction, Tabasamu, Jastorina, Mchungaji, La Msingi, and Keru plays.

Nyaboke actor is currently working on a new series called Kina alongside her profession as a marketer.

Nyaboke’s career history

The determination to start a comic series ended with her doing hilarious videos about typical Kisii men.

Nyaboke actor eventually earned a breakthrough with a random video about summer bunnies.

Besides, actor Nyaboke credits Victor Naaman for her success and progressive career path in art.

List of Nyaboke Moraa YouTube videos

Actor Nyaboke started a YouTube Channel recently, and it is catching flames among her supporters.

You cannot resist watching more of her latest videos.

  • Slay queens
  • Jealous agents
  • Nyaboke ameshika mwizi wa pan ya chapati
  • Nyaboke na masharti mpya featuring @Ujinga za Victor Naaman
  • In-laws from hell
  • Nyaboke ameshika mwizi wa pan ya chapati
  • OKI na NYABOKE wanagombania mila
  • Nyaboke amnasa Okiondo akinyemelea;Gaidi ovyo
  • Nyaboke anaangamizwa na magaidi wa mapenzi
  • Oki na Nyaboke wanagombania mila
  • Nyaboke ameibiwa pesa kwa nyumba – kimeumana
  • Nyaboke stranded with moving out
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Go ahead and get Ujinga za Victor Naman mp4 downloads for an endless stream of laughter.

Nyaboke and Victor Naman comedy latest

Ujinga za Vikita actors have done several comic videos and amassed a followership wave at the national level. Here is a list of their most favourite work;  

  • Fikita in trouble as Nyaboke face off with goons
  • Chakula yakosanisha Fikita na Nyaboke
  • Nyaboke forces Fikita into Twa Twa Twa.
  • Why should you treat your man like this surely
  • Ujinga za Fikita Naman  Nyaboke
  • What a man should do to such ladies on a date
  • William Ruto meets Victor but fails to strike a deal

Judging from her satirical and comic production, actor Nyaboke has a bright future in the world of entertainment.

Gloria Moraa Tahidi High Actress updates

Nyaboke had a near-death experience in which she unknowingly took a foodstuff with honey as an ingredient.

The body reaction ended with a swollen face and deeply scratched skin. It turns out that Gloria Moraa Kenyan actress is highly allergic to honey.

The name Nyaboke means the “one with honey” when loosely translated to the Kisii language. Is it a coincidence that Gloria is allergic to the sweet beehive product?

Nyaboke actor Instagram pics

She is simply a beauty that every producer would dream of having in their cast.

Gloria Moraa Nyaboke contacts

  • Phone number: +254723256731
  • Email Address:

Connect with Nyaboke of Ujinga za Fikita Naman for booking, more interesting vibes, and the latest video episodes.

Gloria Moraa Nyaboke Biography speaks motivation to those who admire her work. It also communicates her unceasing passion for the media industry.

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