History of Kisii University

The History of Kisii University Since 1965: Everything You Need To Know About KSU, Main Campus

Kisii University has come a long way since founding in the 60s as a college on a donated piece of land. It would later advance to become an accredited higher learning institution. The full history of Kisii University is coming up with emphasis on its mission and vision.

KSU is one of its kind, academic and research centre, in the larger Gusii land. Locals brag its meteoric rise to embrace the pinnacles of success. Even more so, the recent administrative and infrastructural progress at Kisii University.

The history of Kisii University since 1965

Kisii University of the 21st century started lowly but is now a trusted academic giant.

More so, KSU runs on the mission of graduating competent human resource with dynamic skills and values.

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When was Kisii University started?

Kisii University started as a primary teachers’ training college in 1965.

County Council of Gusii had donated a 61 acre piece of land for the setting up of the college.

In 1983, the Kisii primary teachers’ training college upgraded to a secondary teachers’ college.

The new status enabled the school to start offering training at the diploma level; then came in more learners from various parts of the country.

President Moi launched degree programs

His Excellence, Daniel Arap Moi, gave Kisii University a new status in 1994, empowering it to offer advanced training programs.

It is also in the same year, 1994, that the Kisii secondary teachers’ college now KSU was taken up as a University Campus.

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The first degree program at Kisii University

In 1999, Bachelor of Business and Management under the Faculty of Commerce became the first degree course at Kisii University.

Many more degree courses added to the long list of training programs at KSU.

Kisii Campus becoming a constituent college in 2007

In 2007, the government of Kenya released a legal notice, raising Kisii Campus into Kisii University College.

The institution remained a constituent college of Egerton University until 2013.

Kisii University charter award

Kisii University College received a charter on February 6, 2013 to become Kisii University.

The highly celebrated charter award enlisted KSU as the 13th public university in Kenya.

How old is Kisii University?

Kisii University is 8 years old as of 2021, since receiving its charter in 2013.

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The tertiary learning institution has so far registered 8 graduations alongside hundreds of research submissions.

All of the graduation videos and research milestone materials are now available on the Kisii University YouTube Channel.

The history of Kisii University emphasizes how fast the institution has grown its capacity training. It also shares insights on the impact of KSU is socio-economic development.  

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