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Iconz Errands App Download: Login, Registration, List of Services, Testimonials, and Contacts

Iconz Errands is a leading Kenyan logistics company aiming at making deliveries faster and access to service providers possible. Instant response at budget-friendly rates make Iconz Errands a trusted partner for all. Therefore, a few taps on Iconz Logistics App can save you a great deal especially on urgent and recurring errands.

Everyday errands are stressful when juggling between busy hours at the office desk, staff meetings, and family time. As a result, we often get a little time left and that is why Iconz Errands comes in to save the day.  

Why Iconz Errands?

Iconz logistics company is a timely digital platform with customer-driven errand solutions.

Accessibility, flexibility, and convenience are some of the benefits that come with the Iconz Errands App. The main categories are;

  • Petty Errands
  • Technical Errand
  • Transport and Deliveries

Let us explore Iconz App to learn how each of these services fit in the business model.

Iconz Logistics App on Google Play Store

Android phone users can now search, download, and register accounts on Iconz App.

Notice that registration is free for all including regular users, agents, partners, errand coordinators, and zone managers.

How to download Iconz App

Become a smart boss of your errands with these 3 steps;

  1. Search for Iconz Errands on Play Store
  2. Install the application, then click open to launch the app
  3. Register to receive login access and enjoy

Registration and login requirements

New customers must register to start placing errand requests. These are the requirements

  • Name of the customer
  • Verified email address
  • Safaricom phone number
  • Create a secret password
  • Optional referrer agent Id

Read Iconz’s terms and conditions before submitting the form.

Now log in with your phone number and password to access the service panel.

List of Iconz Errands App services

In the checklist of services offered at Iconz Errands are 3 broad categories with custom features.

Most importantly, the three groups are designed to control errands from interfering with your schedule.

  1. Fast and reliable last-mile delivery services at affordable rates
  2. Quick and efficient errant runners in all your day to day activities
  3. Booking hotels and other services in Kisii towns and neighbourhood
  4. Asking for a taxi ride and drop services whenever you are running late
  5. Direct connection with experienced and qualified professional service providers such as plumbers, electricians, and catering service providers

With the app installed, you can contact a trusted service provider for instant help.  

Testimonials and customer reviews

The newly launched app has already won the hearts of many users, but this feedback from a happy user caught our attention.

“Good work Iconz Errands, this is a life-saver application for my day to day business in Kisii Town. I no longer have to worry about balancing a busy schedule. Love it!”

Play Store user.

Finally, you can run your routines in Kisii from anywhere in the world thanks to Icons Hub proprietor Ratemo Makiya..

Iconz Errands contacts

  • Email: info@iconshub.co.ke
  • Website: https://iconz.co.ke
  • Phone number: +254769250300
  • Physical Address: Behind Mwalimu Sacco, Kisii town.

Use the contacts provided for further inquiries and help with your day to day errands.

Iconz Errands has a daily impact on the lives of its broad base of loyal customers from around the world. For this reason, the company is focused on delivering up to its promises with cutting edge technology.

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