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Icons Hub Co-Working Space: Subscription Plans, Services, Kisii Office Location, and Contacts

Icons Hub is a Kenyan co-working space company with an overwhelming presence in Kisii town. In this modern tech-driven facility are serene boardrooms, workstations, fast internet, and well-furnished computer labs. Also, within Icons Hub co-working space is a robust network of researchers, innovators, consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students.

Icons Hub is a dream centre for individuals and brands seeking well-furnished offices. Its ambient environment is not only ideal for consultancy business but also teleconferencing. Similarly, Icons Hub is a place to win more clients and join a circuit of professionals.

7 Exciting services offered at Icons Hub co-working space

Coworking space is a desirable arrangement with several advantages among them convenience.

It is way economical because of shared utilities, equipment, reception, and infrastructure.

Forget Nairobi Garage and The Twin Workspace because Icons Hub is here with better services.

1. Superfast workstations

Icons Hub workstations are ideal for freelancers and those collaborating on projects.

A seat within the shared office costs Ksh. 60 an hour and Ksh. 3,000 per month.  

2. Icons Hub co-working space offices

Anyone can rent office space at Icons Hub on a daily and monthly basis.

Board room space costs Ksh. 300 an hour while monthly rates are as follows.

  • Standard Plan at Ksh. 6,000 with access to boardrooms for up to 4 hours a day
  • Ultimate pro plan at Ksh. 12,000 with unlimited access to boardrooms and offices

Notice that the two packages offer unlimited internet and closed-door privacy.

3. Icons Hub exclusive events rooms

Fast internet and well-decorated offices are suitable for both physical and online meetings.

It is a good place for dynamic instructors to meet a reasonable number of students.

4. Executive consultancy lounge

Icons Hub provides an office-friendly atmosphere for researchers to complete their work without distractions.

You can as well book space to run a part-time or full-time consultancy. In addition, is a recreation centre to refresh after a busy day.

5. Fast internet speeds

The co-working space offers free desktop computers with reliable internet access for all tasks.

Besides, you can drop at Icons Hub with a laptop and connect to the internet all day long.

6. A serene garden at Icons Hub co-working space

Apart from working, you can have a good time at the Icons Hub outdoor garden area. The setting is excellent for outdoor photography and more.

There is also a rooftop view of green sceneries around Kisii town. The ambient is all you need for a relaxing afternoon.

7. Spacious snack café area for drinks and meals

Within Icons Hub is a cafeteria with drinks and delicious bites. Therefore, you can save more time with ready meals across the desk.

The dining space is no doubt a good spot for cross table conversations and catch-up meetings.

Iconz Errands, a subsidiary of Icons Hub co-working space

Iconz Errands is a logistics company running under Icons Hub. The brand specializes in petty errands, deliveries, and the provision of professional services.

Both companies are technology-driven to solve everyday challenges facing individuals, startups, and corporates.

About Icons Hub owner and team members

Icons Hub owner Cyprian Ratemo and floor manager Brian Omondi are lead members in the facility.

Behind them is a dedicated team with diverse skills and a wealth of experience on matters ICT.

Icons Hub co-working space location and contacts

  • Phone number: +254 769250300
  • Email address: info@iconshub.co.ke
  • Website: https://iconshub.co.ke/
  • Social media: @iconshubke

Call or visit Icons Hub offices located at Mwalimu International Hotel, behind Mwalimu Sacco at Mashauri area in Kisii Town, Kenya.

Icons Hub co-working space in Kisii, Kenya is a destination for all startups and freelancers. It is a postmodern facility with all technology solutions under one roof.

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