Best Insurance Companies in Kisii Town

15 Best Insurance Companies in Kisii Town: NHIF, Britam, Jubilee, AMACO, Kenindia, Madison & CIC

Insurance companies are key economic players in the provision of financial protection to investors in the event of uncertainties. They also provide health assurance covers to individuals and corporates. With us is a detailed list of the 15 best insurance companies in Kisii town.

Kisii town is a magnet for nationwide insurance companies. Outstanding from the rest are the following assurers.

List of 15 best insurance companies in Kisii town

While some insurance companies offer specialized services, others are general covers.

1. National Hospital Insurance Fund  – NHIF Kisii

National Hospital Insurance Fund is a Kenyan state corporation with a mandate to provide accessible, affordable, sustainable and quality health coverage for all citizens.

NHIF Kisii branch is located in The Place Building along Ogembo Street, Opposite Kenol Petrol Station.

P.o Box3466-40200

2. Britam Insurance Kisii

Britam Insurance with a total of 33 branches in Kenya is among the leading insurance companies in the region commanding the largest market share.

The Kisii branch is located on the 4th floor of the place building along the Kisii-Kisumu highway. Next door is the NHIF Kisii branch.

Telephone0703 094010
P.O Box

3. Jubilee Insurance Kisii

Jubilee Insurance is among the largest medical insurers in Kenya.

The Kisii branch is located at New Sansora Building, Hospital Road.

P.O Box333 – 40200

4. Africa Merchant Assurance – AMACO Kisii

The Africa Merchant Assurance Company Kisii branch is located at Alyssa Plaza (Formerly Uhuru Plaza), 2nd Floor, Kisii – Kisumu Road.

Additional landmarks include Sakawa Hotel and Kisii Marikiti Market.

Mobile0792256233 / 0738312121
P.O Box90-40200

5. Kenindia Insurance Kisii

Kenindia Insurance is among the oldest insurers in Kisii town.

The Kisii branch offices are situated in Sansora Building opposite Kisii Main Stage.

P.O Box1081-40200

6. Madison Group Insurance Kisii

Madison Group is a financial company specialising in insurance and wealth management services in Kenya. Its headquarters are located in Upper Hill, Nairobi.

The Kisii branch is located in Ouru Complex, 2nd Floor, Kisii-Kisumu Road. Within the premise are also Equity Bank and Sidian Bank.

P.O Box3507-4020

7. Direct Line Insurance Kisii

Direct Line Insurance is the most trusted among public service vehicle owners.

The company specializes in providing insurance coverage for Public Service Vehicles (PSV), Commercial Motor, Private Vehicles, and Taxi.

The Kisii branch is located at Royal Towers, 2nd floor, Hospital Road.

P.O Box40863-00100

8. Resolution Insurance Kisii

Resolution Insurance incorporated in 2002 is the first Kenyan private medical insurance company.

In 2013, Resolution Health rebranded to Resolution Insurance with an even better portfolio.

The Kisii branch is located in Kwanza Place, 2nd floor along Moi Avenue.

P.O Box4469 – 00100

9. CIC Insurance Kisii

CIC Insurance offers a wide range of protection services with a presence in almost all major towns across the country.

The Kisii branch is located in Magsons Plaza, 2nd Floor, Hospital Road.

Telephone0725 987 183
P.O Box59485-00200

10. Heritage Insurance Kisii

The Heritage Insurance Company is a provider of short-term insurance products.

These include Medical, Household, Travel, Terrorism and Motor for businesses and individuals.

Heritage Insurance is part of CFC Insurance Holdings Ltd.

The Kisii branch is located at Royal Towers, 2nd floor, Hospital Road.

Telephone+254 58-2030540
P.O Box3066 – 40200

11. UAP Old Mutual Kisii

UAP Old Mutual Company provides a wide range of financial solutions among them insurance, banking, investment, and savings.

The Kisii branch is located at Ouru Complex along Kisii-Kisumu Highway.

Telephone0719 866915
P.O Box43013 – 00100

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The list of best insurance companies in Kisii town, their location, and contacts is particularly handy for anyone seeking insurance and assurance services.

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