WiFi Internet Providers in Nyamira

5 Best WiFi Internet Providers in Nyamira List; Telkom, Listic Technologies Prices and Contacts

Residents of Nyamira County can finally access fast internet thanks to various ISPs serving the region. Most of these include wireless WiFi and broadband networks. Enlisted are the best internet providers in Nyamira town and its environs.

The uprising of Gusiiland relies on internet accessibility and affordability. It is on this understanding that several ISP partners have joined the WiFi marketplace.

List of 5 Best WiFi internet providers in Nyamira

Homeowners, cyber cafes, students, and freelancers are among those looking for dependable connectivity.

Below are the top 3 internet companies in Nyamira for your consideration.

1. Listic Technologies internet in Nyamira

Listic Technologies is by far the best wireless internet supplier in the larger Nyamira County.

Offered are pocket-friendly home and business plans with reasonable browsing speeds.

Listic home packages and prices;

  • 3 MBPS at Ksh. 2,000
  • 5 MBPS at Ksh. 3,000
  • 8 MBPS at Ksh. 5,000
  • 10 MBPS at Ksh. 6,000

Listic business packages are;

  • 6 MBPS at Ksh. 5,299
  • 8 MBPS at Ksh. 7,960
  • 10 MBPS at Ksh. 9,999
  • 15 MBPS at Ksh. 14,099

Listic internet coverage extends to nearby towns such as Keroka, Kebirigo, Ikonge, Miruka, Kemera, and Omogonchoro.

The Listic internet installation fee is Ksh. 3,000 for new customers within the vicinity of active stations.

Those who own radio receivers and routers will need to pay Ksh. 1,000 for configuration purposes.

On the other hand, a higher installation fee applies to those in places away from active Listic stations.

Call Listic Technologies customer care number 0728350150 for help with the connection process.

Listic Technologies offices are located within Cooperative Bank building, Nyamira branch, opposite The Guardian Hotel.

List of all ISPs in Nyamira – satellite options

  • Gicatech – 0705068673
  • Liquid Telkom –
  • Safaricom satellite – 400

The two satellite options are available in remote areas but require deeper pockets.

For the record, JTL Faiba 4G, Safaricom Home Fibre, Telkom Home 3,999, and Zuku are not yet available in Nyamira.

Internet installation inquiry contact

  • Phone: 0713860652.
  • Email: fontskenya@gmail.com

Call or WhatsApp for inquiries and further assistance.

Greater coverage and fair subscription rates make Listic Technologies one of the best internet providers in Nyamira. WiFi is not only faster than broadband bundles but also convenient for streaming.

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