James Ongwae Houses

James Ongwae Houses: Photos of 3 multi-million palatial homes owned by Kisii County governor

The outgoing Kisii County Governor James Ongwae is a top-secret millionaire with several stately homes and properties under his name. He has accumulated much of the wealth from a long-lived career as a District Officer, lecturer, and politician. Top in the list of James Ongwae houses are three palatial cribs.

Among the richest governors in Kenya is James Omariba Ongwae. Even so, he prefers to live a simple life with a strict no-camera policy around his premises. It is no secret that his empire has been rising steadily since 2013.

List of James Ongwae houses and palatial homes

Millionaires mainly fear a tendency of people to assume that their posh properties are proceeds of corruption.

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That is the case for Governor Ongwae who until recently managed to live behind the curtains. And now, leaked photos of his three costly homes are flying on social media.

1. A gated mansion at Ongwae’s ancestral home in Rioma Village

Ongwae’s highly guarded ancestral home mansion is both classy and outstanding within Rioma Village in Kisii County.

It sits within Kitutu Chache North Constituency; about 20 kilometres from Kisii town.

The newly built home is a replacement of a now demolished house that Ongwae lived in before joining politics in 2013.

Not even the journalists and reporters visiting the governor have been able to photograph its inside-the-compound appearance.

“Who told you to take pictures here? This is a private home.”

H.E. James Omariba Ongwae.

The house is accessible from the highway by a well-carpeted murram road.

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2. Multi-gate home at Simbauti Farm in Kijauri

Enclosed by a live fence and disappearing between tall trees is an imposing house that Ongwae built several years ago at Simbauti Farm in Nyamira County.

On a 15-acre piece of land is also an admirable dairy farm with several cows and chickens.

Dr Fred Matiangi is allegedly another powerful investor in Simbauti Farm.

3. James Ongwae houses in Maili Mbili paradise homestead

Located at Maili Mbili along Kisii Keroka road is another impressive house that Ongwae calls home.

This illustrious house on a raised ground is perhaps the commonest considering its strategic location near Kisii University.

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The list of James Ongwae houses is way longer considering that the county boss is a mega investor outside Kisii and Nyamira Counties.

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