Jaramogi Cursing Raila Odinga

Jaramogi Cursing Raila Odinga: Bitter Truth Why ODM Leader Failed to Become President of Kenya

ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga is a prominent Kenyan politician with a legacy of introducing multiparty democracy in the country. In addition, he pioneered the celebrated new constitution of 2010. Behind these layers of success is a huge following desperate to know the truth behind Jaramogi Cursing Raila Odinga fairy tales.   

Supporters and critics often crash at the mention of an inherent curse preventing Raila from becoming commander in chief. Sadly, no one seems to understand the genesis of these “curse” allegations.

Jaramogi Cursing Raila Odinga propaganda

A man of Raila’s calibre is vulnerable to several accusations on matters of corruption, Illuminati, and ancestral twists.

To clear the air, Raila is a Christian by faith and a baptized member at All Saints’ Cathedral Church.

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It turns out he was not cursed by his biological father Jaramogi. Here is how a decades-long curse narrative started.

Raila and his father Jaramogi in Ford Kenya politics

Fighting for multiparty democracy was not easy at the peak of President Daniel Arap Moi’s suppressive regime.

By coincidence, Raila and his no-nonsense dad Jaramogi were core principals in the opposition government.

Holding senior offices in the same party meant occasional differences in ideologies.

The most notable moment of heated disagreement between Raila and Jaramogi is what gave birth to an alleged curse that did not happen in the first place.

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Former PM Raila Odinga clashing with Jaramogi

The 1992 Ford Kenya’s National Delegates Conference ended with Raila sending a strong message on his disagreements with various party affairs.

Sources among them Daily Nation and Kenyans.co.ke point that a then 46 years old Raila stormed the meeting as Jaramogi was addressing the delegates.

“He was accompanied by a group of rowdy youth waving twigs and literally caused a moment of panic when his father was addressing the conference.”

Veteran Journalist Oscar Obonyo.

In response, Raila’s angered father commanded the chaotic group into silence.

“Amolo, can you tell those boys to stop shouting.”

Raila’s father Jaramogi.

The unruly youths calmed down upon communicating Raila’s message of displeasure to the fullest.

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As a result, Raila’s respect within the party escalated.

He would become a Deputy Director of Elections within months and soon after a Member of Parliament for Lang’ata Constituency.

Tales of Jaramogi Cursing Raila Odinga may have been started by critics of his 1997 presidential bid. Even so, there is no sufficient evidence to back up or refute the controversial ‘curse’ claims.

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