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Photo: Roots Party’s Justina Wamae Husband Photos . SRC: @JustinaWamae

Justina Wamae Husband Photos: Alex Kanyi Biography – Age, Daughter, Marriage, & Profile Facts

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The charismatic Justina Wamae is a spontaneous Kenyan politician behind Wajackoyah of the populous Roots Party. She is highly celebrated for being the youngest aspiring deputy president. We have a glimpse of Justina Wamae husband photos.

The family of Justina Wamae is rarely in the limelight despite comprising a politician hubby.

Justina Wamae Husband Photos – Alex Kanyi

Justina Wamae spouse - Alex Kanyi Biography
Photo: Justina Wamae spouse – Alex Kanyi Biography . SRC: @JustinaWamae

Justina Wamae met her husband Alex Kanyi in 2017 while campaigning to become a Member of the County Assembly.

At the same time, Kanyi was seeking to become a Member of Parliament for the Mavoko Constituency.

And now, Justina is a proud mother of a beautiful daughter called Wambui Kanyi.

 “I’m a daughter, I’m a wife, I’m a mother but for now we are in politics full throttle….my husband is a politician, we are both in politics.”

Justina Wamae.

Most importantly, she loves spending quality time with her spouse and little child.

“Many of the times when I am done with what I am doing, I run home. Actually, me and my husband spend the day together because he drives me, but I run home for Wambui my daughter. We play colour, we watch TV together, that is what I love.”

Justina Wamae.

Besides, she is not a book warmer unless when hunting for specific knowledge on random topics.

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Justina Wamae family – Spouse & relatives

Alex Kanyi, Justina Wamae, & Uncle James Gitundu
Photo: Alex Kanyi, Justina Wamae, & Uncle James Gitundu . SRC: @JustinaWamae

Roots Party’s Justina Wamae from the dusty streets of Kibera had a rough childhood.

For that reason, she knows the importance of relationships first-hand.

“Me and my wife Justina contested for Mavoko political seats, and as usual politicians who are contesting in the same area always meet once in a while. Maybe as a party, they’ll have meetings, IEBC might call for meetings – that is normal for people who have been in politics.”

Alex Kanyi.

In an interview posted on Standard Digital Video, Alex Kanyi exposed how he lured Justina into loving him.

“I used to eye that lady and finally I got her because I was supporting her in my ward and she was still supporting me. And that made me to drop my support for my friend Kalembe because they went into the same competition. So, I had to drop my support for my friend Kalembe and then I joined my wife. We ended up getting married”

Alex Kanyi.

Justina Wamae’s uncle James Gitundu thinks that women are better than men in several ways.

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Justina Wamae and George Wajackoyah of Roots Party

Justina Wangui Wamae and George Wajackoyah
Photo: Justina Wangui Wamae and George Wajackoyah . SRC: @JustinaWamae

The idea of Justina Wamae deputizing George Wajackoyah started with her politician husband Alex Kanyi.

Upon agreement with Kanyi, she forwarded her colourful CV for consideration.

“Professor Wajackoyah took a photo in a Gideon boot and a khaki suit on Facebook. At that time, I had not met Professor and then over time, I saw an advertisement that had been floated by Roots Party, they needed a running mate. So, I told my hubby I’m going to send in my CV. The one I sent in 2018 for a PS position…So I guess God wanted me to prepare nicely for this position.”

Justina Wamae.

Luckily, Justina stood out from among the 9 candidates who interviewed for the Roots Party DP position.

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Justina Wamae husband photos are evidence of a happy marriage. However, the couple is yet to publicise their wedding specials.

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