Kamene Goro Boyfriends Photos

Kamene Goro Boyfriends Photos: List of 5 Hunky Men Who Dated, Dumped, & Engaged DJ Bonez’s Wife

Radio Queen Kamene Goro boyfriends photos are finally in the limelight following an invite only wedding with long-term partner DJ Bonez. She is officially off the market after dating a string of men in the search for the love of her life.

Kamene who recently spoke about sleeping with at least 20 different men in the past is finally of the market. Her invite only wedding would surprise hundreds of secret admirers and a legion of radio fanatics.

Kamene Goro boyfriends photos: List of 5 Hunky men

Years of throwing shade at dating and marriage are finally over for Kamene Goro.

It all started with a romantic vacation to Diani before Insta Stories resulted in an engagement ring.

1. Husband DJ Bonez alias George Kordas

Before walking down the aisle, DJ Bonez real name George Kordas was in a much publicized romantic relationship with the wifely Kamene Goro.

The duo would eventually exchange vows on Wednesday, April 19th 2023, in an invite only wedding attended by dignitaries among them Langata MP Jalango.

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DJ Bonez is reportedly an ex-husband to Eva Mkala alias Sasha. The hunky Deejay allegedly dumped his spouse with a couple of kids for an affair with Kamene Goro.

On her side, Kamene decries being dumped at age 23 through a WhatsApp text.

She would receive yet another heartbreak at the prime of her love. As a result, Kamene remained single until 2021 when her chemistry with DJ Bonez started.

“What I like about this relationship is I feel very secure. I have no worries with him. He’s very happy, consistent, he’s really dope guy, very serious So, I put it as one of my best relationships.”

Kamene Goro.

Sweethearts DJ Bonez and Kamene Goro are embracing the heights of love with a colorful gallery on the ready.

Further sources say that DJ Bonez is a career Director at Spin Cycle Entertainment.

The entertainment company is all about corporate, club, and family events. Apart from a DJ unit, it offers content for radio, social media, and television.

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Kamene Goro who has been marketing the entertainment firm for some time now is still up on the posters.

2. Musician Calvo Mistari

Kenyan songster Calvo Mistari is alleged to have dated Kamene Goro.

Unfortunately, she declined the rumour saying he was only a close friend in the inner circles.

“I am not dating Calvo Mistari. He is just a good friend whom I have known for almost a year now. Yes, I appeared in one of his videos, but that was just business. People should stop reading too much.”

Kamene Goro.

At the time, Kenyans felt otherwise about their closeness and natural vibe.

3. Tanzanian tycoon lover

Kamene Goro has previously spoken about dating a Tanzania based South African tycoon to a point of near marriage.

Sadly, he dumped her after a ceremonious pre-wedding, only day to their colorful wedding set for Italy.

4. Andrew Kibe

Speculations have it that Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe are short lived ex-lovers.

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It is however unclear if their affair is another case of love without trace or it never was.

“I don’t miss Kibe. Recently, I tried to maintain our friendship after we stopped working together but he just became really toxic of late.”

Kamene Goro.

YouTuber Andrew Kibe has on several occasions attacked Kamene Goro describing her a desperate woman. Even so, Kamene Goro insists they have never been intimate.

Various captions on Kamene Goro boyfriends photos are highly suggestive of a sweeping love story. Now that she is happily married her failed relationships are slowly fading away.

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