List of Kisii gospel artists

List of Kisii gospel artists, Fenny Kerubo, Mwaniki, Msanii, Divinah, Otiso best Kisii singers

The list of Kisii gospel artists is becoming longer by the day even as more singers eye the industry. It is no coincidence that the most trending Kisii songs are those from the gospel category. Meet talented stars who are changing the industry of praise with their ear-soothing voices.

Many Kisii songs latest are now national hits with good reception in worship places. Besides, you will likely hear some of them on Kenyan streets and radio stations. Some channels also play them often on TV.

Kisii gospel artists and singers

Among top musicians from the Gusii region are gospel singers with worship-oriented gems. Those spreading a message of hope to the heartbroken are also doing great in the industry.

Kisii female gospel artist

  • Lydiah Scarlet Nyairabu
  • Rebecca Thomas
  • Divinah Nyamwaka
  • Fenny Kerubo
  • Molly Kerubo

Upcoming female gospel singers

  • Ev Naomi Nyakundi
  • Rachael Nyarangi 
  • Joslyn Onchiri
  • Phencillah Moraa
  • Suzy Moraa
  • Edith Bosibori (Edith Joseph)
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Kisii male gospel artist

Some of these stars have been in the industry since their childhood, while others are new.

  • Ringtone Apoko
  • Pharry K
  • Douglas Otiso
  • Sammy Baraka
  • Eric Mwaniki

Upcoming male gospel singers

  • Jared Nyagaka (Nyaguta)
  • Dennis Ayuma
  • Dennis Onyamo
  • Dennoh Mpole 
  • Lucas Katonzo
  • Japhet Ouru
  • Victor Momanyi
  • Matara Nyabayo
  • Malack Asande

Latest Kisii songs 2024

Trending gospel songs from Gusii are breaking records and spilling across our borders. The Kisii DJ lady (DJ Bunney 254) is notorious for playing these tracks.

Kisii gospel songs latest hitmakers

If you are hunting for killer Kisii gospel songs, there are enough to fill an endless playlist

  • Erick Mwaniki – Nayaeteire
  • Lydiah Nyairabu – Ong’inyore
  • Come To Me By Fenny Kerubo
  • Upendo // Msanii Music Group
  • Abanyangongo – Gusii Gospel Artistes
  • Ninchwo Mbaorokie-Chris Embarambamba
  • ASUBUHI NJEMA By Msanii Music Group
  • Erick MwanikiI- Nayaeteire New Version
  • What A Friend //Yesu Kwetu Ni Rafiki By Msanii Music Group
  • Omwana Onyasae Akong’ita Obote by Embarambamba (official Video)
  • Fenny Kerubo ft Bro Dennis Onyamo and Samwel Ntabo wedding dance
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Kisii songs DJ teaser

This list of Kisii mixes feature not only the trending but also the latest in town. Local jams come in numbers, with the Kisii teaser gospel tracks taking the day.

  • Best of Kisii Gospel Mix 
  • Gospel Teaser 8 (Kisii artists)
  • Gusii Gospel Mix DJ Bunney Final
  • DJ Sun Kenya – Gusii / Kisii Gospel Mix 2020
  • Kisii Gospel Songs (Sesenia, Talanta, Birecha, Oyo Yeso…)
  • Kisii Gospel Songs ][ Kisii Gospel Mix 2020][ Music Therapy

Latest Kisii SDA gospel songs

The local SDA choirs are also doing when it comes to the latest praise worth songs.

  • Etangi AY Latest Macho Hayajaona
  • Shangwe KMTC Kisii SDA Choir
  • Redemption Ministers – Kisii – Kisha Nikaona
  • Peke Yangu Sitaweza By Msanii Music Group
  • Ombi Langu Combined Album-Magena Main Youth Choir

Kisii gospel songs mp3 download

You can now watch and download your favourite Kisii gospel song from leading media streaming sites such as,,, and more.

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Kisii gospel artists are admirable for their consistency in the production of quality music. Beyond familiar faces such as Douglas Otiso and Lydiah Nyairabu are several upcoming stars in the industry. Stay tuned for the latest Kisii gospel songs.

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