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Vicky Young biography, age, tribe, CV, education, family, Facebook, Ensanako profile, contacts

MC Vicky Young biography, age, Ensanako profile, contacts

MC Vicky Young is a sensational Gusii artist now taking the art of local music to another level. He is particularly famous for releasing viral tracks such as Chinkondi and Chiconnection. Vicky Young biography confirms it all with a special focus on his life story and latest songs.

The super star Kisii musician is climbing higher on the charts of fame. As a result, it now takes a smile on the face and cough on the mic to invite applauses from excited supporters. Our pleasure of sharing the profile of Vicky Young goes on.

Victor Orwachi Maina Vicky Young profiles summary

  • Real name: Victor Orwachi Maina
  • Popularly: Vicky Young
  • Nickname: Ensanako
  • Date of birth: June 21, 1990s
  • Birth sign: Gemini
  • Place of birth: Bundo Village, Ekerenyo Sub County
  • Vicky Young age: about 25 years old
  • Ethnicity: Kisii tribe
  • County: Nyamira County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Vicky Young Instagram: @vickyoung_ensanako
  • Ensanako Vicky Young Facebook: @Vickyoung-Ensanako
  • Vicky Young Twitter: @VickyoungM
  • Occupation:  Singer, businessman
  • Vicky Young wife: under review
  • Victor Vicky Young children: under review
  • Years active: 2018 to date
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Relationship status: Possibly single

Victor Orwachi Maina is famous for releasing entertaining and relaxing songs such as Chinkondi, Chiconnection, and Titi Nkorundi.

MC Vicky Young biography with pictures 

Photo: Vicky Young Ensanako CV, tribe, CV, education, family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter . SRC: @vickyoung_ensanako

Vickyoung Ensanako is part of the main reasons why Kisii songs 2021 are making headlines outside the region.

He is ahead of the rest for releasing timeless music which is touching to both recent and earlier generations.

Who is Vicky Young?

Victor Orwachi Maina alias Vicky Young is a Kisii singer, songwriter, and composer with a legacy recording lyrical music.

Vicky Young biography reveals that he is a notorious artist with several supporters by his side.

Chinkondi hitmaker prefers using the stage name Ensanako in his rhythmic tracks.

How old is Vicky Young?

Ensanako Vicky Young age is about 25 years as of 2021. The Kisii singer celebrates his birthdays on 21st of June.

Even so, he has not shared about his born year and childhood experiences.

Vicky Young biography on tribe and ethnicity

The talented Vicky Young is of the Kisii tribe from Bundo Village in Ekerenyo Sub County, Nyamira County.

Furthermore, MC Vicky is a Kenyan national by birth, presently residing within the vicinity of Kisii Town.

MC Vicky Young family background

Vicky young is a sixth born in a family of 7 siblings and a couple of supportive parents.

He spent much of his childhood at Ekerenyo and his middle life in Nairobi City.  

The singer has not leaked information about his parents and girlfriend.

Moving on, the outspoken Vicky believes that Nyamira County is a spring of new possibilities.

Vicky Young biography on relationship with Charles Nyagwoka

Charles Nyagwoka, the famous traditional Kisii musician, is an uncle to Vicky Young Ensanako.

The singer has already confirmed that Charles Nyagwoka and his mother are blood siblings.

Vicky Young admired and adopted Nyagwoka’s singing style as a child. He would later divorce the singing style to become a rapper.

Victor Orwachi Vicky Young education history

MC Vicky Young started schooling as St. Mathews Gekendo primary school.

He later joined Pope Benedict xvi Minor seminary at Masongo in Kisii County.

His dreams of training to become a priest ceased after his secondary school years.  

Good KCSE grades qualified Vicky Young to join the Kenya Methodist University, Nairobi Campus, for a Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management.

Besides, he is an alumnae of the University of Nairobi where he pursued a short course.

The artist is ongoing with his senior college years, and therefore, will be graduation soon.

MC Vicky Young biography on music career

Vickyoung started his music career while ongoing with primary school education.

After Noraita hit, came Chinkondi which has since exceeded one million views on YouTube.

An interview on Prophecy Audiovisual TV YouTube channel has confirmed that Chinkondi means a tricky person.

Vicky Young obtained the name Chinkondi from an uncle, who overused it in conversations.

Vicky Young latest songs and YouTube

Already hitting the airwaves with fresh energy and breathtaking beats are Vicky Young latest songs.

The musician shares most of his tracks on the Vickyoung Ensanako YouTube channel with at least 40k subscribers.

Vicky Young Songs Download

The list of songs by Vicky Young is long but here are his favourite.

  • Ebesa Eborete
  • Noraita ft Miggy
  • Vickyoung Chinkondi
  • Titi Nkorundi ft Miggy
  • Ekegeni by Vickyoung ft Vekta 
  • Omogoko by Vickyoung ft Vekta

Kisii songs mix are never without Vicky Young albums hit songs.

Above all is a rare music talent of reproducing studio recordings on live stage performances.

MC Vicky Young contacts

  • Phone number: +254715112888
  • Email:

The musician is available on his contact line and social media for endorsements, new projects, signing, and booking.

Vicky Young latest songs are new anthems in Gusii land and beyond. Overall, his tracks are doing better because of their broad appeal. Vicky Young biography confirms that he has the potential of going even further.