Kisii Town Water Shortage

Kisii Town Water Shortage: GWASCO Crisis Exposing Gusii Water and Sanitation Company Failures

Hand-pulled carts overloaded with yellow jerricans are a major cause of slowed traffic in Bosongo after chaotic motorbikes. Besides, the former exposes Kisii Town water shortage at its worst.

One wonders how nearly 200,000 residents of the greenest town in Kenya survive with dry taps. Meanwhile, the Gusii Water and Sanitation Company, popularly called GWASCO has not implemented a lasting solution.

Kisii Town Water Shortage and GWASCO crisis

GWASCO situated opposite the highly protected Kisii State Lodge is a central water access point in the capital.

Below are 3 main reasons why GWASCO is failing in its only duty of supplying clean water and managing sewerage systems.

1. Terrible customer care services at GWASCO

GWASCO is by far the slowest service provider in Kisii County but somehow responsive when it comes to sending monthly water bills.

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The Kisii County mismanaged water company suffers from among other issues lack of proper corporate communication on scheduled supply interruptions.

For instance, the company pumped no water in the wake of April 2022. The resulting public outcry met no answer throughout the affected period.

A government-run firm that sent its last Facebook message in May 2017 and tweeted in 2021 is surely poor at customer service.

2. Spillages causing Kisii town water shortage

Firstly, cases of broken pipes with high shooting water spills are commonplace along major and minor streets of Kisii towns.

Some high volume water and sewer leakages last for weeks meaning GWASCO technicians are not doing enough.

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For the record, these leakage showers significantly raise the operational cost and therefore monthly bills.

3. Low capacity storage tanks and supply pipes

GWASCO is operating below the capacity required to meet the ever-rising demand in Kisii town.

So far, not a single estate in Kisii town is sufficiently connected to a reliably running pipe.

Overall, estates on lower grounds are more connected compared to those on the higher grounds such as Milimani and Jogoo.

The substandard piping network from Kegati and Nyakomisaro water stations is largely to blame.

It is time the local government awoke to the fact that water is key in the ongoing social economic progress.

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GWASCO contacts and phone number

Postal3880 40200 Kisii

Contact GWASCO for new connections, water meter issues, and related inquiries.

Kisii County has several water catchment areas but not a single project geared towards upgrading the currently strained supply volume. For that reason, Kisii Town water shortage may worsen further.

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