List of Kisii traditional songs

List of Kisii traditional songs, Obori bwa Baba song lyrics, Entaburuta, folk songs, music dance

Do you still enjoy listening to Kisii traditional songs? You are certainly not alone because several others are going back to the roots of local music. Trends indicate that civilization is unlikely to wipe out our once treasured genres and style of entertainment. Years have passed, but these timeless songs, like fine wine, are more influential than those released by recent Kisii artists.

The Kisii customs and traditions are evident in songs from earlier years. On the contrary, millennial Kisii musicians are actively blending the local genre with foreign flavours. While some have succeeded in doing so, none seems to have beaten the caliber of fresh and typical Kisii music. Even so, there is so much to admire in the ongoing effort to shape the Kisii music industry.

Best Kisii traditional songs

Bana Sungusia, Machoge Jazz, and Monyoncho are some of those who sparked interest in Kisii music.

Behind their footsteps are now famous Kisii singers such as Vicky Young Ensanako, Ongengo, Miggy Champ Echambioni, Fenny Kerubo, Douglas Otiso, Divinah Nyamwaka, and Pharry K, to name a few.

1. Entaburuta –Kayamba Africa

The song came out in 2014 under the album Dhahabu. The music brings out the pride of the Kisii people.

Kayamba released this song in celebration of a plentiful harvest. It has since done well in different theatres and traditional ceremonies.

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Kayamba Africa songs list includes Ndambararia, among others. Procced with Entaburuta Kisii song download on and

2. Lady Nyaboke –Bana Sungusia

The song is by far the most musical owing to its fine guitar tunes. It speaks about Nyaboke, who abandoned his husband, running away with the children.

The husband is deep in tears because Nyaboke is not taking good care of his children. The enraged husband is not ready to accept the estranged wife Nyaboke, but the children.

For this reason, he pulls all manner of abuses and wishes her bad luck as a payment for the wrong she has done to their marriage.

Bana Sungusia songs list

  • Nyangwono
  • Simon Chae
  • Mochumbe hit
  • Ekemangurume

More from Bana Sungusia band songs include My Boss, Tom Sagwe, Douglas Makambo, and Coca Cola.

3. Obori Bwa Baba song lyrics in Kisii language

Ekebwe’ ngiakura manga inse

‘Baba motengera Nya.ngweso’

‘Obori bwa baba ekeande’

‘Amaemba ‘baba’ matogoro’

‘Ee nyangweso yachci.yaboria’

Obori Bwa Baba song lyrics

Obori Bwa Baba song lyrics English translation

The ‘fox’ howls down the manga hill

The fox warned that the locusts are coming ‘Please note’

The rich and well grown ‘wimbi’ with big grains

The sorghum (‘dear mum’) looks like eyes of a human being opened wide!

The locusts came and ate the wimbi and sorghum (then the famous famine period called Nyangweso followed.)

The early Omogusii believed that animals provided sufficient clues when danger was underway.

Ekebwe, also called a fox, was among the most reliable animals for this purpose.

Obori Bwa Baba song lyrics

4. Egetinginye Ekengaini lyrics in Kisii

The song speaks about an intelligent bird that sets up its nest with hard work and determination.

Egetinginye ekengaini kerigie Oboundi

Kiagache embura egotwa gesoe mwaye

Egetiuginye ekengaini kerigie Oboundi

kiagache embura egotwa gesoe mwaye

Ee baba ewalegetingive ekengaini

Kerigie Oboundi Kiagache

Omaiya Omaiya o chingero bonyangero

Abanto bainto mwensi inwe mobe egetinginye

Mwagache embura egotwa mosoe nyomba

Omaiya Omaiya chingero bonyangero

Egetinginye Ekengaini lyrics

Egetonginye Ekengaini is a Kisii song that inspires the spirit of hard work among the Kisii people.

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Egetinginye Ekengaini lyrics English translation  

A clever bird builds

Its nest so that when it rains it shelters

A clever bird builds

Its nest so that when it rains it shelters

Ee mother eh! a clever bird

builds its nest nicely

0′ perfect person, 0′ perfect person sings and sings

Our people you should be like a clever bird

So that you build houses when it rains you shelter

0′ perfect person, 0′ perfect person sings and sings.

Egetinginye Ekengaini lyrics

The list of Kisii traditional songs is endless. These compositions will forever remain on our local playlist.

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5. Bwabokire Obwanchani, Bori Bwa Kare

Trending Kisii musicians in 2024 onwards

Behind the footsteps of traditionals are famous Kisii singers such as Vicky Young Ensanako, Mr Ongengo, Miggy Champ Echambioni, and Fenny Kerubo.

Others include Evangelist Douglas Otiso, Divinah Nyamwaka, and Pharry K, to name a few.

Kisii traditional songs will forever remain a part of the local culture in all ways. Check again later for a full list of Kisii traditional folk songs and more.

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