Trending » Biography » Koome Kiragu biography (Martha Koome husband), profile, age, wife, children, career, net worth

Koome Kiragu biography (Martha Koome husband), profile, age, wife, children, career, net worth

Martha Koome husband Koome Kiragu biography facts and profile

CJ Martha Koome husband, Koome Kiragu, is a soft spoken Kenyan national with an admirable profile. The cheerful Kiragu remains a man of interest for his thriving career and relationship with the Lady Chief Justice. Mr Koome Kiragu biography says more on his life story.

Mr Kiragu came to the limelight after the popularity of his wife Martha Karambu, who has since replaced retired CJ David Kenani Maraga. Kiragu continues to attract undivided attention for his imposing family.  

Koome Kiragu profiles summary

  • Real name: Koome Kiragu
  • Popularly: Martha Koome husband
  • Date of birth: under review
  • Birth sign: under review 
  • Place of birth: Meru, Kenya
  • Koome Kiragu age: About 60 years old
  • Ethnicity: Ameru tribe
  • County: Meru County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Koome Kiragu Instagram: #koomekiragu
  • Mr Koome Kiragu Facebook: #koomekiragu
  • Koome Kiragu Twitter: @KiraguKoome
  • Occupation: Habitat for Humanity executive  
  • Koome Kiragu wife: CJ Martha Karambu Koome
  • Hon Koome Kiragu children: 3
  • Koome Kiragu daughter: Kagwira Koome
  • Years active: under review
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Relationship status: Married

Koome Kiragu is famous serving as a chairman at the Habitat for Humanity international organization. Also, for his wife, CJ Martha Koome.

Koome Kiragu biography with pictures

Kiragu Koome family including wife CJ Martha Koome, son Kelvin, daughters Kagwira and Nkirote
Photo: Kiragu Koome family including wife CJ Martha Koome, son Kelvin, daughters Kagwira and Nkirote . SRC:

Most photos of Kiragu Koome confirms that he is a cheerful man preferring to display a broad smile.

He is surely a sweetheart in the life and career of Martha Koome.

Who is Koome Kiragu?

Mr Kiragu is a long serving chairperson of the Habitat for Humanity, now a

In addition, Mr Kiragu is husband to Martha Karambu Koome; the Lady Chief Justice of Kenya.

How old is Koome Kiragu?

Koome Kiragu age is about 60 years as of 2021. However, he is yet to share more details about his birthday and born year.

His youthful looks blend perfectly with a charming personality. Even so, Koome has not left a trace of his private life on the internet.

Chief Justice Martha Koome husband and children 

Mr Kiragu and wife Martha Koome have three children, among them two girls and a son.

Koome’s children are Kelvin Koome and daughters Kagwira Koome and Nkirote Koome

Education and professional career history

Koome Kiragu is a graduate now the board chair at Habitat for Humanity Non-Governmental Organisation.

Kiragu’s Habitat for Humanity organization is keen on promoting the quality of life through proper housing, sanitation, land tenure, water use, and power connectivity.

Mr Kiragu works closely with financial institutions to guarantee decent housing to the homeless and vulnerable within Kenyan communities.

Achievements at Habitat for Humanity International

Koome Kiragu has completed several humanitarian projects since becoming a member of Habitat for Humanity.

In 2018, Koome secured a whopping Ksh. 96 million for the construction of affordable homes.

He managed to complete 120 homes, each unit costing him about Ksh. 800,000, in collaboration with the county government of Homa Bay.

In the wake of 2021, Koome placed his hand in the construction of homes for those displaced and without homes at Mai Mahiu.

The resettlement project attracted a pool of money from more than 300 families. He used the cash to acquire land for those displaced internally.

Elsewhere, the county government of Laikipia recognized Kiragu Koome for his engagement in the construction of schools in various parts of the country.

Above all, Koome is an executive board member at Habitat for Humanity international NGO.

Mr Koome Kiragu biography summarizes the life story of a clean hearted Kenyan-based NGO executive. Most importantly, he mirrors the illustrious CV of CJ Martha Koome.