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List of Best Estates in Mombasa City: 20 Places for the Richest – Nyali, Bamburi, & Changamwe

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Mombasa City with a population of 1.2 million is the second largest urban centre in Kenya. Within its perimeters are diverse neighbourhoods and business centres. We look at the list of best estates in Mombasa with clarity on locations and the cost of living.

The capital is a delight with at least 15 estates spread wide along the deep waters of the Indian Ocean. When choosing where to stay on the coast, security and affordability of housing are core factors.

List of best estates in Mombasa city

A majority of residents in Mombasa are Swahili speakers with Arabic ancestry. Even so, an open economy is a magnet to both locals and foreigners.

The resulting socioeconomic prosperity is worth bragging about.

1. Nyali estate

The richest people in Mombasa mostly reside in Nyali because of its first-class architectural facilities.

The estate commands power and affluence from senior government officials and those in the business class.

2. Bamburi estate

Extending to the mainland from the coastline is Bamburi Estate marked with Bamburi Cement.

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Major tourist attraction sites include Haller Park and Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach.

3. Kizingo estate

State House Mombasa is perhaps the commonest landmark at Kizingo estate. On top of that are government residences and parastatals. These include The Mombasa Law Courts and Provincial Police headquarters offices.

Also in the area are educational giants such as Mama Ngina, Aga Khan High School, Star of the Sea, Coast Girls, Serani Primary, Mbaraki Girls, and Mombasa County National Girls.

4. Chamgamwe estate

The populous Kenya Oil Refinery and Kipevu Power Generation Companies are both located in. Chamgamwe estate.

The vibrant environ is about 6 kilometres from the Central Business District.

5. Port Reitz estate

The historical Port Reitz houses Moi International Airport which is a heartbeat of the local economy.

The estate sits to the North West of Mombasa Island. Further sources say it was named after Lieutenant J.J Reitz who was commander in the Royal Navy in the 1820s.

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6. Kisauni estate

The metropolitan Kisauni Estate extends between Kongowea Market and Mombasa Township Secondary.

The neighbourhood is dotted with high-rise properties and make-shift structures. Unceasing substance abuse and crimes still run high.

7. Shanzu estate

Located a few meters off the busy Mombasa-Malindi Highway is Shanzu estate with oceanfront apartments and classy cottages.

Stretching from the urban patches are dusty locales where social amenities are highly strained.

8. Mikindani estate

Most people employed in various industries within Changamwe reside in Mikindani Estate because of its serenity.

Affordable housing, enhanced security, and minimal noise pollution make Mikindani the best residential spot in Jomvu Constituency.

9. Magongo estate

The highly developed Magongo estate is to the North West of Mombasa Island – off Mombasa-Nairobi Road.

High population density is a major cause of thriving real estate businesses.

10. Likoni estate

The estate covers the southern terminus of the Likoni Ferry which is a double-ended ferry serving pedestrians and road traffic from Mombasa Island.

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It is a regional destination along the shores of the Indian Ocean.

11. Kibokoni estate

A higher number of Kibokoni inhabitants are local Asians and Arabs. It is here you find dream tourist attractions such as the Great Fort Jesus.

Proximity to the city centre is a primary source of progress in the Kibokoni area.

Full list of best estates in Mombasa

  • Barsheba
  • Buxton
  • Ganjoni
  • Khadija
  • Kiembeni
  • Kongowea
  • Likoni
  • Majengo
  • Miritini Greenfields
  • Mshomoroni
  • Mtongwe
  • Mzizima
  • Nyali
  • Nyerere
  • Shimo La Greenfields
  • Tudor

Preference and financial stamina are some key factors when choosing an estate for your family or business.

The list of best estates in Mombasa City portrays a speedily widening rift between the rich and poor. Even so, Governor Abdulswamad Sherrif Nassir says his administration is committed to improving the living standards of his people.

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