Facts about life in Kisii Town Kenya

Top 10 Facts about life in Kisii Town Kenya: businesses, population, amenities, directions, map

Kisii Town also called Bosongo is a place to stay, work, and invest your hard earned money because it has a constant supply of fresh opportunities. The urban community which started booming in 2007 may soon qualify into a city status after Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nakuru. These 10 facts say more about life in Kisii Town Kenya.

Devolution in Kenya has played its fair role in firing up the progressive Kisii and Nyamira Counties. On the other hand, it all started with post election violence in 2007. Kisii Town has since broken its boundaries with habitable estates and well carpeted roads.

Top 10 facts about life in Kisii Town Kenya

Those living or planning to relocate into Kisii town have every reason become a part of its success story.

Check these 10 discovery facts to know more about Bosongo.  

1. Booming real estate offering cheap accommodation in Kisii town

Residents of Kisii Town enjoy excellent accommodation facilities within surrounding estates.  

Therefore, Kisii real estate business is at its best, especially for investors and property owners.

As a result, the once concentrated Kisii Town central business district is spilling out to nearby centres such as Menyikwa, Gesonso, Mosocho, and Kiogoro.

Furthermore, the number of flats and other first class housing facilities has tripled within the recent decade suggesting rising living standards.

2. The high population of Kisii town a gem of new opportunities

Kisii is a young town with untapped opportunities in various sectors of the economy.

Most importantly, the fast rising population of Kisii town offers a ready market for all types of businesses.

Which is the best business to start in Kisii town? The most noticeable Kisii town opportunities include selling motorbike spares and offering catering services.

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Even so, there are more self-employment gaps that anyone can turn into a multi-million company with little investment.

3. Kisii is a thriving socio-economic environment for all

Gusii land is a metropolis with an inviting atmosphere regardless of tribe, ethnicity, race, and nationality

For this reason, Bosongo is turning into a metropolitan centre with several Indians, Chinese, Luos, Kikuyus, Kambas, and Kalenjins pouring in gradually.

Most of these investor-minded newcomers enjoy good profits from different business lines and are major stakeholders in various local brands.

4. Modern infrastructural amenities are activating development

Gusii land enjoys fair distribution of social amenities; these are roads, electricity, and water.

The Kenya power and Lighting Company (KPLC) runs a 66 KV power station near Kegati Market.

In a similar location is a water point for the Gusii Water and Sewerage Company, popularly GWASCO.

The well tarmacked and connected Kisii Town CBD remains a future-haven in the region.

It is a hot spot of best apartments in Kisii region and beyond. These comprise residential and business cribs.

5. Strategic location now boosting life in Kisii Town Kenya

Close proximity to Kisumu City explains why Kisii Town is a place of abundance.

Additionally, the capital is highly accessible from other centres such as Kilgoris, Homabay, Migori, Ahero, Chepilat, and Kericho.

Businessmen from these locations regularly flock at the famed Daraja Market for economic exchange.

Well maintained roads is number one reason why people from the surrounding find it easy to visit Kisii Town for their daily supplies.

6. A green town with little to no pollution and traffic jams

Kisii town pictures display stylish apartments lost between tall trees and green vegetation cover.

The leafy surrounding leaves the air fresh and clean from pollutants. Even better is the resulting ambient feel.

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Kisii Town is among few urban centres in Kenya with more trees than there are people.

7. High security and bright street lights powering a 24 hour economy

Safety comes first for those living in Kisii Town and its environs. Cases of street crimes are rare.

The local community policing wing deserves the credit of keeping Kisii Town secure for both residents and businesspeople.

Also, the Kisii Central Police Station guarantees 24-hour clock security for those visiting the town.

Electric and solar powered street lights adds to the already tightened security measures.

8. Kisii town nightlife in bars, guest houses, and Kawanji on the rise

Have you ever visited Kisii town at night? Well, it is business as usual with night shift workers including motorbike riders.

Also noticeable along the walk ways are medium aged girls and women with short and attractive dresses.

Kawanji is among other places where Kisii town prostitutes run their businesses.

These girls are also present outside the busy Kisii town streets.

  • Menyikwa Market area
  • Kawanji, behind Hema Hospital
  • Opposite Shivlings Supermarket
  • Ogembo Street, opposite Zonic Hotel
  • Family bank, around Umoja Complex
  • ST Jude buildings, near the main stage
  • Uhuru Plaza and Market Plaza buildings
  • KTRH round about, along the Hospital Road
  • The Aga Khan Medical Centre, along Sakawa Road,

It is the strategically situated restaurants, coffee shops, guest houses, and loud music from bars that keep the urban rhythm beyond sunset.

9. Surrounding hills and hotels are a source of local tourism

Five star hotels such as Kamel Park and Ufanisi Resort are steering local tourism.

These play host to celebrity organised event and brands from across the world.

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For instance, Ufanisi is a preferred site for presidential events and meetings.

Similarly, natural sites such as Tabaka Soap stones, Manga Hills and escarpments attract nature lovers.

10. Gusii Stadium is a sports and entertainment centre

The newly built Kisii Stadium continues to shape the legacy of governors James Ongwae and Simba Arati.

This multi-million project is accessible along the twisted Kisii-Nyanchwa Road.

Apart from hosting football matches, Gusii Stadium is a people’s convention centre for political rallies.

Gusii Stadium images are commonly extracted from the aerial view of Kisii town.

Elsewhere, the Kisii County government is underway in building the people’s park along the busy Daraja Moja – CBD highway.

The cost of living in Kisii town

Living in Kisii town is cheaper compared to other major towns.

Firstly, monthly rent payments range between Ksh. 2,000 and Ksh. 100,000.

Secondly, taxi and Uber prices vary depending on distance but are generally affordable.

Thirdly, motorbikes are the most prevalent means of transport within town at a cost starting Ksh. 50.

Fourth, Gusii town has plenty of fresh food supplies from surrounding farm lands and fields.

Lastly, the town is competitive and largely depends on commercial activities for the wellbeing of its residents.

Various facts about life in Kisii Town Kenya print an image of a destination county. It is certainly a residential and business centre watch closely for new possibilities.

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