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Photo: List of all Bana Sungusia band members, founder Momanyi Kenyatta, Onsongo Omosongo, and contacts . SRC: @banaSungusia

List of all Bana Sungusia Band Members, Founder Momanyi Kenyatta, Onsongo Omosongo and Contacts

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Original Bana Sungusia band members have been cheering our hearts for the last three decades since founding in the early 90s. Indeed, their inviting benga style guitars and drums may not fade away any time soon.

A journey of at least 30 years is not without happy and sad moments. The worst has been multiple deaths and a series of internal conflicts started by defectives. Luckily, this notorious Gusii music group is finally on the right track.

List of all Bana Sungusia band members since the 90s

Kenyatta, Nyageri Bwondari, Elias Kingoina, Omorendire, and Kennedy Amisi are the founding members in Bana Sungusia.

Other original members include drummer Nicholus Nyakundi, and guitarist Job Mayenga.

Most Sungusia band members joined even as fame kept knocking. Let us get up and close with Kisii musicians who gave their all in Bana Sungusia.

1. Onsongo Omosongo, the Sungusia bandmaster

Bana Sungusia singer Onsongo Omosongo also called Bernard Onsongo Omwansa was a respected bandmaster.

Onsongo Omosongo bio facts shows that he originates from Bogichora Ward in Nyamira County.

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Onsongo took over as a councillor in 2007 and served in his home-ward until 2013.

The sudden death of Onsongo Omosongo

Supporters remember Onsongo for being an experienced soloist and emotional storyteller.

Besides, he was a devout ambassador of the Kisii culture through lovable vocals and song writing.

Serving as a councillor between 2007 and 2013 says no less about his leadership qualities.

Onsongo Omosongo new song by Kwasa Kwasa recognises him as a legend in the original Sungusia band.

Unfortunately, the 47 year old Onsongo Omosongo died on September 20, 2017 at St Francis Hospital in Nairobi.

2. Edwin Momanyi Kenyatta, Sungusia founder

The famous Edwin Momanyi is founder and CEO of the favourite Sungusia Band. He owns an in born talent of training, directing, and producing music.

Kenyatta was born on January 1, 1975, and is therefore 46 years old as of 2021.

Bana Sungusia Original manager Diblo Ntabo has confirmed Kenyatta a determined Kisii musician.

3. Haron Auta Ekiaramba, composer and vocalist

Singer Ekiaramba real name Haron Auta was both a composer and a vocalist in Sungusia Band.

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Similarly, he was a member of the Kwasa Kwasa owned Splinter Music Band.

The Dot Com Boys of Sungusia band lost Ekiaramba in May 2019 at Christa Marianne Hospital in Kisii Town.

4. George Morara Omorendire, drummer

Band player George Omorendire was a drummer and stem member of the notorious Sungusia Band.

George Omorendire Morara died in 2018 while being rushed to Nyamira Hospital. His legacy with drums remains in the memory of many.  

5. Kwasa Kwasa Internationale, vocalist

Kwasa Kwasa real name Joseph Nyakweba is still holding the mantle of Sungusia but in a defective band.

Most of Kwasa Kwasa latest songs are doing well in the industry including volume 16 featuring Dismus Nyaanga.

More famed Bana Sungusia Band members

  1. Nyakang’o
  2. Zico Gichana
  3. Job Mayenga
  4. Jephter Nyamosi
  5. Orecho Misati
  6. Nicholas Nyakundi
  7. Ken Amisi, popularly The Rock
  8. John Omwega, popularly Makambo

The band came out on top for training music specialists in vocals, drums, and soloing among others.

Bana Sungusia original new members

Diblo Ntabo recently revealed to Getembe TV Kisii about recruiting additional singers.

  1. Momanyi Kenyatta
  2. John Biz, a bassist
  3. Ben Makanta, a guitarist
  4. Sumbua Sumbua a singer
  5. Crisper Kanyakwa a drummer
  6. Florence Nyandega, a rhythm player
  7. Richard Onsongo a singer also Onsongo Junior
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The outspoken Richard Onsongo is a relative to the late Onsongo Omosongo.

Sungusia manager Diblo Dennis Mose Ntabo

Diblo Ntabo enjoys a good relationship with Bana Sungusia founder Momanyi Kenyatta.

He recently disclosed a plan of opening Bana Sungusia Studios from where the band will launch fresh dreams.

Bana Sungusia Band contacts

  • Phone 1: 0113007770
  • Phone 2: 0776991520
  • Facebook: @banaSungusia
  • Instagram: @banasungusiakenya.
  • Email:

Connect with Bana Sungusia Original Band members for booking and further inquiries.

The list of Bana Sungusia band members highlights the ongoing progress in rebuilding what is now a divided team. There remains a hope that the new Sungusia will outsmart the former.

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