Martha Karua Former Husband

Martha Karua Former Husband Justice GBM Kariuki in Love, Law Suits, & Humiliating Divorce Drama

The iron lady Martha Karua is on record for instigating the unlawful arrest and prosecution of Justice Kariuki. An article on Standard Media indicates that the former justice minister went hard on Kariuki for dumping her. Further sources say more about Martha Karua former husband Justice GBM Kariuki.

The love drama between Justice Kariuki and Martha Karua escalated to the High Court of Kenya. The civil suit saw Kariuki spilling the beans on how Karua played a mastermind of his unlawful arrest.

Martha Karua former husband Justice GBM Kariuki

The cold blood between Karua and his ex-husband Justice Kariuki intensified through a lawsuit in which Kariuki was accused of attempted murder.

Standard Media publication by David Odongo intimates Kariuki’s commando-style arrest of October 20th, 2008.

“Attempting to cause the death of Robert Karori by stabbing him in the stomach by (sic) a sharp object on October 18, 2008, along Kabete Road in Spring Valley.”

High Court Records.

The wrongful arrest not only suffered Kariuki mental distress but also excessive public humiliation.

“His arrest was affected by police officers in not less than two vehicles who were armed with AK47 rifles in the company of the press. Instead of ringing the bell, the police officers climbed over the gate, hence his contention that the arrest was made in a commando style. On being arrested, the plaintiff was taken to Gigiri and thereafter to Kamukunji Police Station.

High Court Records.

The truth about Kariuki’s sudden arrest would surface before long;

“It was during his incarceration that he learned that the incident was instigated by then Minister for Justice, Martha Karua, who then sent her lawyer, Steve Njiru to confirm that he was being humiliated in the manner desired by the said Minister who also instructed the Attorney General to ensure prosecution was mounted.”

High Court Records.

Martha Karua’s involvement in the arraignment of Kariuki went on to make the headlines.

“According to the plaintiff, he was made to understand that the PCIO (Provincial Criminal Investigation Officer) was under pressure from both the Attorney General and the Minister for Justice. The police admitted that the charge of attempted murder was a hoax and this was confirmed by the findings of the trial court.”

High Court Records.

He would overcome the allegations for lack of evidence and sue the Attorney General in the process.

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Investigating officers revealed to the court that they were pressured by the Attorney General and Martha Karua to arrest, judge, and keep Kariuki in the cells.

Justice Kariuki’s fallout with Martha Karua

Justice Kariuki eventually said he read malice that may have been fuelled by his walking out on Martha Karua. Unfortunately, he could not sue Karua because it is the state that prosecuted him.

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A successful lawsuit against the state ended with Justice George Odunga awarding Justice GBM Kariuki with Ksh. 5 million for damages arising from malicious prosecution.

GBM Kariuki dropped yet another bombshell against Martha Karua;

“Asked about the Minister for Justice, the plaintiff (Kariuki) disclosed that the Minister was his friend of many years and was getting back at him for having walked out on her.”

High Court Records.

Justice Odunga’s final ruling read as follows;

 “In this case, it is clear that the arrest and arraignment of the plaintiff was done in haste and prematurely, and I daresay recklessly. Further from the evidence, it would seem that the intention of the investigators was to ‘nail’ the plaintiff…It is my view that an award of Ksh. 5 million for general damages for malicious prosecution is reasonable compensation in the circumstances and I award the same.”

High Court Records.

The former justice minister is yet to respond to the love affair accusations levelled against him in the court of law.

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Photos of Martha Karua former husband are scarce with no confirmed info on her previous marriages. Most importantly, she is living her life to the fullest.

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