List of Mawingu Data Bundle Prices

List of Mawingu Data Bundle Prices: MPesa Paybill, How to Check Data Balance on Self Care Portal

The Nanyuki based Mawingu Networks is among the fastest internet providers in Kenya, offering both broadband and unlimited WiFi packages. The ISP is unrivalled with about 10,000 active subscribers in homes and businesses. The list of Mawingu data bundles comes in handy for new users seeking reliable connectivity.

The data bundle option in Mawingu Network is exclusive for those nearby public hotspots. Already connected to this high-speed internet service are more than 300,000 users in various parts of the country.

List of Mawingu data bundle prices

How do I buy Mawingu bundles via MPesa? Mawingu internet customers can subscribe and make monthly payments using MPesa Paybill number ‘579950’ and the user assigned account number.

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Alternatives, the ISP accepts payments made through Mawingu self-care portal. Here is a detailed list of all bundle prices.

Monthly BundlesPrices
50 MBKsh. 10
150 MBKsh. 20
500 MBKsh. 50
1.2 GBKsh. 100
4 GBKsh. 200
12 GBKsh. 500
30 GBKsh. 1,000
80 GBKsh. 2,000

Is Mawingu WiFi good? Yes, the ISP is excellent in providing fast internet with dependable customer support at affordable rates.

How do I check my Mawingu data balance?

The easiest way of checking your data balance is by logging in to the Mawingu self-care portal with the provided customer number and authentication PIN.

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Proceed to click the balance tab to see the usage and expiry dates of the remaining data.

How do I contact Mawingu WiFi?


Call customer support for further inquiries.

Latest reviews indicate that Mawingu data bundle prices are way more affordable compared to various offers on Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom broadband.

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