MCAs salary in Kenya

MCAs salary in Kenya 2024: List of Allowances, Benefits & Richest Members of the County Assembly

Kenyan Members of the County Assembly are lately on the spot for banking hundreds of thousands in monthly payments and allowances. We take a closer look at MCAs salary in Kenya.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission indicates desirable perks for both elected and nominated MCAs. As a result, thousands of Kenyans often chase the position in national polls.

MCAs salary in Kenya – Payslip

Research shows that MCA seats are the most competitive political positions in Kenya. That is mostly because it guarantees a strong foundation in senior government positions.

So, how much does a Member of the County Assembly earn in 2023?

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MCAs salary and allowances in Kenya

How much does an MCA earn? Each of the 2,100 Kenyan MCAs earns a monthly gross salary of Ksh. 145,000, excluding a section of lucrative allowances and six-figure grants. On the other hand, MCAs’ Personal Assistant salary is estimated at Ksh. 80,900 – the salary of a nominated MCA is equally Ksh. Ksh. 145,000.

That is to say that these local government officials bank more than most Kenyan doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

Tabulated is a breakdown of the amount that MCAs recieve after every four weeks of service to their electorates.

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Basic salaryKsh 86,625
House allowanceKsh 45,000
Market adjustmentKsh 12,750
MCA salary per monthKsh 144,375

Recent reports from the Salaries and Remuneration Commission indicate a massive slashing of MCA salaries from Ksh. 365,000 to the current Ksh. 145,000.

The move is part of the strategies deployed by the government to address the long-standing wage bill crisis.

Who is the richest MCA in Kenya?

Biashara Ward MCA, Elijah Njoroge is reportedly the most flamboyant Member of the County Assembly. The tycoon politician brags about other investments, classy cars, multi-million businesses and assets.

MCAs salary in Kenya is noticeably high with minimum entry requirements for interested candidates. As we speak, it is a gold mine opportunity for leadership-minded youths.

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