Salaries of Senators in Kenya: List of Allowances, Retirement Benefits, Grants, & SRC Pay Scale

The salaries of senators in Kenya continue to rise amid heated inflation in the country. SRC Records tell us more about how much these oversight legislators take home every month.

The senate constitutes 67 members among them 47 elected senators, 16 nominees, and 4 members standing in charge of youths and people with disabilities.

Salaries of Senators in Kenya

How much does a senator earn in Kenya? According to the SRC, senators earn a gross salary of Ksh. 710,000 including a basic salary of Ksh. 510,000 and six-figure allowances totalling Ksh. 250,000.

Further sources show that senators receive 4 times the salary MCAs whose gross salaries are capped at Ksh 144,375.

Senators’ basic salary and allowances

Members of the senate stand to benefit from several allowances and benefits accrued to their offices.

As we have it, monthly salaries vary depending on the number of sittings and other related variables.

Basic salary510,000
House Allowance150,000
Salary market Adjustment134,000
Gross Salary760,000

On top of that, both elected and nominated senators pocket Ksh. 7,500 from each sitting in the chambers. However, sitting allowances are capped at Ksh. 120,000.

Discussions are ongoing on a possible salary increment for Members of the Senate.

Salary of senators vs other state officers

PresidentKsh. 1.44 mKsh. 17.28 m
Deputy P.Ksh. 1.23 mKsh. 14.76 m
GovernorKsh 924,000Ksh. 11.88 m
SenatorsKsh 760,000Ksh. 9.12 m
MPsKsh 710,000Ksh. 8.52 m
MCAsKsh 144,375Ksh. 1.7 m

Good perks justify heated political runs in August polls.

Salaries of Senators in Kenya continue to rise with competitive market adjustment rates not enjoyed by other state officers in nearby countries.