Peter Salasya Wife Photos

MP Peter Salasya Wife Photos: Girlfriend, Marriage, Ex-Lovers, & Secret Admirer Lydiah Ronald

The highly dramatic Mumias East parliamentarian went into the national assembly a bachelor and has since been making moves in wife hunting. Amid the search, several women are claiming undying love for the lawmaker. To the fanatics and secret admirers, it has indeed been so much waiting for Peter Salasya wife photos.

In a recent conversation, Peter Kalerwa Salasya confessed that he never had a girlfriend during his university years. He proceeded to deny consuming alcohol while a college student.

MP Peter Salasya wife photos

Is Peter Salasya Married? No! Legislature Peter Salasya is still a senior bachelor with no clear plans of settling down to start a family. Even so, he has not yet unveiled his current dates and lover.

In other stories, the youthful MP says he prefers a lady who will fit his highly grounded lifestyle. He has previously explained the desire to marry a spouse who will be willing to stay in the village.

“The problem is that I want a lady who will agree to remain in the village, but they don’t want that. They want to accompany me wherever I go, whether it’s Nairobi or anywhere else.”

Peter Salasya.

Salasya believes he wouldn’t have become a Member of Parliament at a young age with a wife in his life.

He had this to say.

“If I had a wife at the time, I would not have achieved these milestones because every time I come home, my wife would question why I gave out KSh300 at a fundraiser yet there is no food in the house. It would be chaos all the time. So I chose to live a freestyle life.”

Peter Salasya.

Among the women drooling for the 35-year-old wealthy Salasya is the gorgeous Lydiah Ronald. She recently came to the limelight after a photo of her holding a placard along Tom Mboya Street went viral.

On the placard was written her marriage proposal and phone number intending to reach the celebrity parliamentarian. Several other women have followed with unique stunts to capture his attention.

Elsewhere, the controversial Salasya is on record for expressing an inner desire to marry a white woman.

MP Peter Salasya Wife Photos are as scarce as those of her ex-lovers and current girlfriend.

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