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Musa Jakadala biography: Age, real name, wife, family, photos, Hera Remo, mp3 songs downloads

Musa Jakadala is a Luo singer to watch for his boundless music style now gone national. The Hera Remo hitmaker remains a sensational artist with appealing youthful lyrics. His Dholuo vibes drive the message home with irresistible musical beats. Musa Jakadala biography sheds more light on his profile details, more so, his age, wife, family, music journey, and latest songs.

The respected Musa Jakadala has come a long way to dominate the Ohangla airwaves. His songs are both club-friendly and hooking to non-Luo speakers. Slow electric beats are why most Kenyans find Musa Jakadala’s tracks musical even without understanding the street moving Dholuo lyrics.

Musa Jakadala profile summary

  • Real name: Moses Odhiambo Obok
  • Popularly: Musa Jakadala
  • Date of birth:  July 23, 1989
  • Place of birth:  Ugenya Ugunja
  • Musa Jakadala age: 35 years
  • Ethnicity: Luo
  • County: Siaya County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Occupation:  Singer, Dancer
  • Musa Jakadala children: 2
  • Years active: 2010 to present
  • Religion: Christian
  • Relationship status: Married

Musa Jakadala is famous for releasing the killer hit song Hera Remo. The song attracted millions of viewers on YouTube and gave him a platform to relaunch his relaxing music passion.

Musa Jakadala biography with photos

Who is Musa Jakadala? Ohangla singer Musa Jakadala is a multi-talented Luo celebrity in the Kenyan music scenes. His songs are irreplaceable on radio, street, matatu, and car playlists.

Musa Jakadala family background

The notorious Musa Jakadala comes from Ugenya Ugunja, Siaya County, where he was born in 1989.

Musa Jakadala parents

Joseph Obok, the father, passed on when Jakadala was ongoing with his primary school education in class eight.

On the other hand, not much information is in the public domain about the mother of Musa Jakadala.

Brothers and sisters

Musa Jakadala biography confirms that he comes from a family of eight members in which he is the second last born. will update Musa Jakadala Wikipedia sibling details as soon as confirmed.

Leaving school and relocating to Nairobi

Losing a father forced Jakadala to drop out of school for a year after completing his class eight studies.

In 2006, the life-strained Musa Jakadala relocated to Nairobi with help from a friend.

Life at Kayole slums was not bearable, and so he had to find work. At first, he worked for Damco Auto Garage Tushauriane as a trainee.

Working in a garage

Working four months without pay in a garage was highly draining for a newcomer in Nairobi.

He later shifted to Damco Auto carwash for a pay.

Musa Jakadala car wash experience was not any better, except for the income.

Musa Jakadala education

Jakadala schooled at Ulwami Primary School in Nyanza province. After his KCPE, he lost his breadwinner father and decided to try life in Kenya’s capital.

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Savings from the car wash helped him continue with his secondary education at St Agnes High School, Kayole, Komarock, in 2006.

In 2009, Musa Jakadala completed his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams.  

After that, he enrolled at New College for a Mechanics diploma course. Musa Jakadala attended classes for one year before dropping out to concentrate on his music career.

Height, weight, and measurements

Musa Jakadala photos reveal that he has a handsomely slender and tall appearance. Manly expressions are also noticeable when performing live on stage.

A neatly trimmed short hair complements his charming looks that suggest purpose.

Even so, the musician from Siaya, Nyanza, is yet to release measurement stats about his height (inches) and weight (kilograms).

I am not dating Akothee’s daughter

Musa Jakadala and Vesha Okello were recently in the limelight for a suspected relationship.

The rumour started with a video in which they were feeding each other Jakadala’s birthday cake.

The singer came in quickly to deny dating Akothee’s daughter Vesha Okello of about 23 years now.

Netizens were reluctant to accept his response even after confirming himself a family man. The stint from 2018 has since settled on the low-key.

Musa Jakadala wife and children

Hera Remo song describes Musa Jakadala’s wife as a heartbeat with loving and romantic lyrics.

Is Musa Jakadala married? Yes, the father of two children is taken. However, he is reluctant to share exclusive details about his sweetheart and lovely kids.

Musa Jakadala music history

Jakadala launched his music career in 2010 with Blaze Africa Band. His star sparked at Club Village Kayole, with Goddy Myakka heading the group alongside the late Odongo.

Osogo Winyo and Dola Kabarry are Jakadala’s outstanding mentors to this day. He worked under Osogo Winyo for some time before finding his musical path.

In 2013, Jakadala excited his fans with a debut single, Nyar Alego. The overnight success saw him quitting from the band to form his own of six members.

Music challenges in the early days

Running a band was not easy at first, considering that their fan base was a handful. Luckily, the new group survived amid empty seat performances.

Musa Jakadala biography further indicates that he earned Ksh. 6000 as first pay. He recalls using Ksh 2,500 to hire musical instruments.

Debut album and its reception

Nyiri Dwaro Ang’o is the first album that Musa Jakadala released in his early days. He later amassed overwhelming fame for dropping Nyar Siaya hit.

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Growing popularity in Dandora based clubs enabled them to accept four more dancers into their crew.

Skyworld, GEO, and Nyanza are among the clubs that sealed lucrative deals with Jakadala and his team.

Musa has since grown his reputation to seal deals with CBD entertainment spots, including club Nectar where he performs weekly.

Musa Jakadala band members

The list of Musa Jakadala band members has steadily grown in membership from six to more than 20.

The most recognized of these gifted performers are Salad, Ochieng, John Paul, Wicky, Kawiti, Choco, Caleb, and Willy.

Equally talented are Dogo B, Jageyo, Obonyo, Ken, Jeff, and Ayano.

Super Latin Ohangla Guyz

The band is a blend of sensational touches and an unfailing hotspot of fresh tunes gone international.

Citizen TV Kenya recently welcomed Musa Jakadalla and the Super Latin Ohangla guys for a power breakfast show.

The entertaining live session confirmed that Musa is rising even higher on the music charts.

Musa Jakadala albums

The Luo singer owns five albums with several songs on his Musa Jakadalla Official YouTube channel.

  • Nyiri Dwaro Ang’o
  • Nyar Siaya
  • Hera Remo
  • Chuny Dhano –The heart of men

Musa recently released his fifth album, Sina Shida, with six touching songs.

Full list of Musa Jakadala latest songs

The rising hits on Musa Jakadala songs downloads counter confirms that he is going to places within the music industry.

1. Hera Remo Jakadala hit

Ohangla lovers are often hunting for Hera Remo lyrics in English. The song is by far the best in Musa Jakadala’s playlist.

The song loosely translates to love is thick and sweet. Another version of Hera Remo meaning suggests that love flows within the blood.

2. Musa Jakadala Nyar Asembo

The song is a dedication to a lovely Asembo girl who Jakadala finds irresistible.

The optimistic Musa travels home to meet her beauty. Meanwhile, he halts his journey at Ramba and proceeds with a water jet.

He cannot wait to meet and stay with her in place of their long-distance relationship.

3. Musa Jakadala Judy Nyasuba

The song brings home the wife material traits of a gorgeous girl called Judy from the Nyasuba community within Luo Nyanza.

The fictional woman Judy is why followers download Musa Jakadala songs and play them often.

In case you missed it, #hitsonly is the phrase that cements Musa Jakadala biography to date.

Top trending Musa Jakadala songs videos

The following compositions rule Musa Jakadala’s music empire.

  • Nyathi Gi Lilly
  • Musa Jakadala Babie Nyalego
  • Musa Jakadala Belly Belly
  • Nyar Mara Musa Jakadala
  • Musa Jakadala Ft Prince Indah
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More hits from Musa include Hellena Mama, Nyar Soja, Nyar Ramba Nyar Aembo, Trace Live performance, and A StudioTISA Special.

Even more of Musa Jakadala songs mp3 download Mdundo selection are Ogada CDC, Sam Daktari, Police Case, and Omondi Wuod Bondo.

Musa Jakadala songs downloads

Leading streaming sites such as Viusasa, YouTube, and offer quick video and mp3 download options.

Notably, Musa Jakadala new songs are doing well because of his consistency in art.

Jakadala sexually transmitted disease

The vocal singer was not happy with rumours linking his name with the scary Jakadala disease.

In response, he came out strongly to clean his name and that of his band boys from the disgusting Jakadala disease pictures.

Musa Jakadala death rumours

The singer has previously been involved in horrible accidents that have almost claimed his life.

For instance, his car lost control along Mombasa road and rammed into a heavy truck in 2016. Luckily, he escaped unhurt.

A year later, Musa Jakadala survived another accident while heading to Oyugis in his band members’ company.

Moving on from that, Musa Jakadala death of a grandmother caused a stir in 2018 because she was his favourite.

Thousands of mourners from amongst his fans attended Musa Jakadalla grandmother burial.

Is Musa Jakadala alive?

The Ohangla singer is still active in music in his early thirties.

The young star is a close equal of top Luo musicians such as Musa Juma, Otieno Aloka, Emma Jalamo, and Akothee, the songbird.

Musa Jakadalla salary

Jakadala and his band members started with pay of Ksh. 6,000 but are now rolling with a minimum of Ksh.100k per concert.

The Salary of Musa Jakadalla is steadily rising against booing fame.

Musa Jakadalla net worth

The Luo artist is making a fortune from his YouTube Channel and performances in high profile stages.

Unverified sources estimate his monthly income at Ksh. 200k excluding endorsements.

Musa Jakadala contacts

  • Instagram handle: @musajakadalla_

Connect with Musa Jakadala today for further inquiries and booking for a show. We will update Musa Jakadala phone number soon.

Musa Jakadala biography gathers all the top facts about the lakeside’s Ohangla singer. There is enough to admire in his music, family background, and relationships. Continue to download Musa Jakadala songs for the soft play and feel.

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