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Musalia Mudavadi Wife [Photos] Tessie Shangatti biography, marriage, children, and Foundation

Musalia Mudavadi wife Tessie Shangatti is a soft-spoken lady and a beautiful one for that case. She is a little known partner who keeps the Amani National Congress party leader in good cheer. The life story in Tessie Shangatti biography wraps it all.

Mudavadi and his spouse Tessie are a lovely couple with admirable relationship goals. While the former Vice President of Kenya is an outspoken personality, his wife is a laid back celebrity.

Tessie Shangatti biography: Musalia Mudavadi wife pictures

Born on September 21st, 1960, Musalia Mudavadi married Tessie Shangatti at the age of 31 years on November 17, 1991.

The powerful ANC leader has previously confirmed that their pumping chemistry is a result of love at first sight.

Musalia Mudavadi wife tribe and family

Tessie Shangatti tribe is Luhya; Mudavadi who also hails from the ethnic group belongs to the Maragoli sub-tribe.

Speaking to Michael Gitonga on KTN Morning Express, Mudavadi opened up about meeting his wife at a Lugari held school fundraiser.

“I was somewhere in Lugari and we were conducting a public function to raise money for a school. And while we were there, one of the board members of that school came with his family and somewhere in the crowd there was this very beautiful lady. Later we went for lunch at this board member’s house and this beautiful lady was there. The rest is history.”

Musalia Mudavadi, ANC Party Leader.

Musalia Mudavadi Tessie Shangatti Mudavadi is a role model family in the country.

That said, the kingpin politician from Western Kenya admit to marital bliss.

Tessie Shangatti education background

Mrs Tessie is a knowledgeable lady with an affectionate sense of humour. Farfetched sources allege that she is a post-graduate.

Furthermore, she completed high school studies and a bachelor’s degree from famous Kenyan institutions.

Tessie Shangatti Mudavadi marriage and children

Musalia Mudavadi has 3 adult children with Tessie Shangatti. These include two boys (Moses & Michael) and a gorgeous girl called Maryanne.

Tessie is playing a motherly role and Mudavadi is proud of her;

“She has been a good mother to my children and where I have been absent because of my political career, she has filled the gap.”

Musalia Mudavadi, ANC Party Leader.

Three decades after exchanging wedding vows, Mudavadi and Tessie do not regret it a bit.

“And then you find that as you converse, you observe how you are connecting in terms of the thought process. Do they have the humour, do they have the sense of purpose, the focus – you know, all these things help in shaping the kind of relationship you are looking for? So I would say that as I looked at her and we talked, with time, the values that I saw in her are the ones that attracted me to her. And frankly speaking, I have no regrets.”

Musalia Mudavadi, ANC Party Leader.

Apart from her role in the family, Tessie Shangatti is a strong career woman.

Tessie Shangatti cancer sickness and campaigns

Doctors diagnosed Shangatti Mudavadi with breast cancer in 2012 on the eve of jubilee politics.

Luckily, she was treated to full recovery given that her tumour was at its initial stages.

Tessie has since soaked herself in Cancer Awareness campaigns with a dream of helping more cancer patients.

Mudavadi Memorial Foundation Trust Fund

Tessie Shangatti co-runs the family foundation which is geared towards helping the less fortunate in society.

In line with that, Mudavadi’s wife has previously dedicated her birthdays to various charity courses. These include donating hygiene items, education materials, and wheelchairs.

Musalia Mudavadi wife Tessie Shangatti is that one strong woman that every successful man cannot stop to brag about.

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