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Photo: Nyangorora Banana Processors Limited at KIRDI in Kisii . SRC: @askahkerubo

7 Facts about Nyangorora Banana Processors at KIRDI near the Kisii Agricultural Training Centre

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Nyangorora Banana Processors limited is a Kisii based value addition company presently incubated in KIRDI near the Kisii National Polytechnic. The family-owned venture is rising steadily under the watch of well-wishers and sponsors.

On the receiving end of booming Banana farming in Kisii are locals with promising value addition business ideas. It is time to explore and appreciate the progress.

7 facts about Nyangorora Banana Processors limited company

Askah Kerubo Omiso with Nyangorora Banana Processors sponsor
Photo: Askah Kerubo Omiso with Nyangorora Banana Processors investor . SRC: @askahkerubo

Banana is the second staple in Gusii highlands where tea, maize, and livestock farming are commonplace.

A closer look at the production and marketing of bananas is awakening.

1. NBP founder Askah Kerubo is from Nyamira County

Askah Kerubo who comes from a poverty-stricken background in Nyamira County dropped out of college in 2004.

Lacking school fees for her Business Management studies at the Kisumu based Superior Commercial & Secretarial College forced her into becoming a lake region entrepreneur.

She would later capitalize in the banana value addition business for a living.

2. Nyangorora Banana Processing (NBP) launched in 2013

Askah Kerubo Nyakwara and her husband Jared Nyakundi Omiso founded Nyangorora Banana Processors SME firm in 2013.

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The couple has since sacrificed all resources and time in their Kisii town based banana firm.

3. Askah Kerubo started trading banana products with Ksh. 500

The determined Askah Kerubo moved from Kisumu to Kisii upon her graduation.

She started salting and deep-frying bananas within the village. Notably, a majority of her customers were primary school students and pedestrians.

Askah recalls buying her first bunch at Ksh. 500 and receiving Ksh. 1,200 in sales.

The initial profit of Ksh. 700 from a single bunch aroused her interest in the banana business.

4. Suppliers frustrated her KIRDI Nyamira investment

Askah approached Nyangorora Banana Processing Ltd shortly after registering her banana company.

Before long, the business grew to a monthly production volume of at least 3,000 kilos of crisps.

A painful loss of money in the hands of corrupt distributors eventually crumbled her dreams, at least for several months.

“Though it was a big blow because we lost cash and customer connections, it did not discourage us from employing other means of remaining relevant in the industry by incorporating new products such as drying and crushing bananas to produce flour for porridge, bread and scorns baking and cooking mandazis and chapatis.”

Askah Kerubo, NBP executive.

Even so, she had no choice but to drop out from the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute, Nyamira branch

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5. Kisii Entrepreneurship Summit Ksh. 1 million booster award

Continued value addition effort helped Nyangorora Banana Processors to win a cash prize of Ksh. 1 million at the Kisii Entrepreneurship Summit held in April 2016.

The amount helped Askah and her partner, Jared, back into business but this time at KIRDI, Kisii branch.

Monthly stats show that Nyangorora is packing up to 500 litres of banana wine and up to 3,000 kilos of crisps.

6. Nyangorora has 40 banana collection centres

Askah and her team collect bananas from at least 40 centres in both Kisii and Nyamira counties.

Upon collection is the sorting process ahead of placement in the production conveyor belt.

In the end, banana produces wine, juice, jam, flour, and crisps. Also on the list are pastries such as buns, cakes, and bread.

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7. Nyangorora targets at least 3 banana varieties

Each banana product requires a different variety for great tastes.

Firstly, Uganda Green is desirable when making banana flour for among other uses preparing porridge.

Secondly, Ng’ombe grade one is ideal for making tasty and softly crackling crisps.

Thirdly, dwarf Cavendish and Williams varieties are useful for banana wine and juice.

Most importantly, the company is determined to make banana farming more profitable to farmers and supply chain agents.

Nyangorora Banana Processors contacts

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Call NBP customer care or email for business deals and latest job offers.

Askah Kerubo and Jared Omiso of Nyangorora Banana Processors are soldering despite occasional setbacks. Finally, their KIRDI housed firm is a representation of unceasing opportunities in the value addition sector.

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