Otile Brown Biography

7 Profile Facts in Otile Brown Biography: Age, Wife, Girlfriends, Parents, Tribe, & Net Worth

Otile Brown biography wraps up the most romantic Swahili RnB singers in Kenya. It is a lucent life story spiced with hared earned fortune. We have sampled some interesting facts you need to know about the singer.

Success for Otile Brown never came easy considering a number of struggles that presented on his way to stardom.

7 Profile Facts in Otile Brown biography

The Kenyan-bred Otile Brown is an international star musician with millions of fanatics on mainstream social media. 

Who is Otile brown?

1. Otile Brown’s real name is Jacob Obunga

Born in Kisumu County, Otile Brown’s real name is Jacob Obunga, meaning he originated in the Luo tribe.

However, the family relocated to the coastal region in Mikindani Estate in Mombasa when Otile was only a little boy.

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2. He was orphaned at age 14

In a recent interview, Otile recounted the pain of losing his biological father and mother at the age of 14 years.

He would grow up under the care of his siblings and loving Grandmother Elizabeth.

3. He is 30 years old

How old is Otile brown? Born on March 21, 1994, Otile Brown age is 30 years old as of 2024.

The tricenarian love songs artists is already at the peak of his music career.

4. Otile’s music breakthrough happened in 2016

Otile has been singing since childhood, but he discovered his talent around 2007 when he was only 13 years old.

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A massive breakthrough came in 2016 after releasing the hit song ‘Imaginary Love’ in collaboration with rapist Khaligraph Jones.

5. He doubled fame through celebrity collaborations

Otile made it to the limelight alongside renowned African singer Khaligraph Jones.

He has since collaborated with big names such as Sanaipei Tande, Alikiba, Sauti Sol, Jux, Nyashinski, and Davido. A random encounter with comedian Jalango opened even more doors.

6. He is still unmarried, but excellent in love songs

The list of Otile Brown’s most loved songs include Chaguo la Moyo, Siku Yetu, Wine, Baby Love, Crush, Kenyan Girl, In Love, Nitulie, Kosea, Zaidi Yako, and Nabayet.

On the other hand, he is still a bachelor having dated and broke up with ex-girlfriends Vera Sidika and Ethiopian beauty Nabayet famously known as Nabbi.

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7. Otile brown net worth is about Ksh. 50 million

The net worth of Otile Brown is about Ksh. 50 million making him one of the richest musicians in Kenya. Photos of his luxurious house costing millions says no less.

In addition, he owns a fleet of expensive rides including Mercedes E250 and Mercedes BMW 7.

The love charmed biography of Otile Brown is truly inspiring among followers in their millions.

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