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Ouru Superstores Limited Owner, Shareholders, Services, Prices, History, Location, and Contacts

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Ouru Superstores Limited is a prosperous Kenyan general wholesaler company with a broad range of highly discounted products. The business is a people’s choice with a variety of products and services on offer.

The blue and red themed Ouru Superstore is widespread in south western parts of Kenya. Its warehouses are stocked with a variety of products ranging from construction materials to foodstuff. Even better are gainful after-sale services.

10 Untold facts about Ouru Superstores Limited

Most retailers rely on Ouru stores in their restocking routine. The business is both cost-friendly and accessible for all.

These 10 rare facts about Ouru superstores says it all from three decades ago.

1. Mr Kennedy Nyakundi Mogaka is the founding executive at Ouru Superstores

Mr Kennedy Nyakundi Mogaka is the chief executive officer at Ouru Superstores Ltd.  

In addition, he is a lead co-founder of this prestigious business hub which continues to stand the test of time.

2. Ouru Super Stores previously called Ouru Discount Center Ltd started in 1991

Ouru brothers who previously lived in the United States of American started Uhuru Discount Centre upon returning to Kenya in 1991.

Mr Ken Mogaka played a key role in incorporated Uhuru Discount Center in downtown Bosongo.

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Reputable sources allege that the business grew steadily until about 2002 when propaganda drivers started associating it with Uhuru Kenyatta.

For the record, Uhuru had just won the endorsement of Daniel Arap Moi for the presidential race but was still infamous in the Gusii region.

A change of name to Ouru Discount Centre was, therefore, necessary for the sake of protecting the brand.

3. Ouru Discount Centre rebranded to Ouru Superstores in 2004

The business changed its name from Ouru Discount Centre to Ouru Superstores Ltd on April 8, 2004.

With the change of name came more opportunities and a greater potential of increasing the scale of operation.

4. Ouru Super Store is a family business

The Mogaka family own more shares in Ouru Superstores and enjoy a greater representation within the executive committee.

To illustrate this point, Mr Kennedy Mogaka is CEO while his sister Irene Mogaka is an operations manager and Lucy M. Mogaka is the managing director.

Besides, Ken’s brother Zablon Mogaka and wife Esther Kemuma Mogaka are alleged shareholders.

Elsewhere, elder brother Mogambi Mogaka is the owner of Ouru Power near Kisii Hotel.

5. Ouru stores are available in 5 major towns across Kenya

Ouru owned stores are accessible in Kisii, Homabay, Migori, Nyamira, and Bomet counties.

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These stores are mushrooming fast and may soon take over the national space in dealerships and wholesale supplies.

6. Ouru Superstore headquarters are in Ouru Complex Kisii town

Bosongo is home to Ouru Superstore with multiple outlets in town. The main office is within Ouru Complex, first floor, along Moi Avenue.

The commonest Ouru hyper store sits next to Huduma Centre Kisii Town. There is also another go down within Industrial area in Bosongo.

7. Ouru product range include hardware, farm input, and foodstuff

There is everything you need under one roof at Ouru Superstores. The wholesaler is also a retailer with a welcoming product range.

In the stores are hardware products such as iron sheets, cement, nails, metal, and fittings. Equally, there are farm input products as well as foodstuff.

8. Ouru Superstore vision is to provide value at greatly sliced prices

Ouru Stores have long enjoyed a monopoly in the wholesale business since entering the market about 30 years ago.

Good customer relations and discounted prices are some of the reasons why Ouru Superstore dominates the local market.

9. The superstore offers excellent after-sale services including delivery

Customers with an account on can shop and request deliveries within a few clicks.

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Ouru Superstore branded vehicles are good for those transporting bulky orders. Real-time customer support is part of the reasons why customers keep returning to the store.

10. Ouru Superstore is among leading employers in Kisii Town

Ouru Superstores Limited has employed hundreds of professional and casual workers in the region.

Most job vacancies fall under the sales and marketing departments. There are also occasional adverts seeking professional service providers.

Bonus tip

Ouru Realtors Ltd is a branch that specializes in real estate operations on behalf of Ouru Superstores.

The latter handles all real estate needs of the company to ensure sustainable asset growth.

Ouru Superstores contacts

  • Telephone: +254721333643
  • Phone number 2: +254733637606
  • Email:
  • Facebook: @ourusuperstores
  • Website: https:/
  • Address: Ouru Complex, Upper Floor

Ouru Superstores Kisii contacts are useful for inquiries and placement of orders among other logistics.

Top facts about Ouru Superstores Limited in Kisii Town confirm that the business is unlimited. Success is evident in its customer loyalty and ballooning warehouses.

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