CS Kipchumba Murkomen Biography [Photos]: Age, Tribe, Family, Education, Career Profile, & Net Worth

Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen Biography

CS Kipchumba Murkomen is a vocal Kenyan lawyer now Cabinet Secretary for Road, Transport and Public Works. He is beyond leadership a proud family man with a reputable professional career. The life story in Kipchumba Murkomen biography is worth retelling. The UDA-leaning Murkomen entered the limelight about a decade ago. He has since become a … Read more

Jacky Vike Awinja Husband Cyprian Osoro Wedding Photos: Baby Daddy Alfred Ngachi & Son Mosi

Papa Shirandula actress Jacky Vike Awinja Husband Cyprian Osoro

Leaked photos of Jacky Vike Awinja husband Cyprian Osoro are still circulating on social media following an invite-only traditional wedding allegedly held on Saturday, April 22nd 2023. Even so, a majority of fanatics are yet to believe that the screen duo is finally a couple. Awinja Nyamwalo from Papa Shirandula Show allegedly said ‘Yes I … Read more

Cyprian Osoro Wife Jackie Vike Awinja Wedding Photos: Papa Shirandula actress & Mkisii Boyfriend

Mkisii ni Mkisii Actor Cyprian Osoro Wife Jackie Vike Awinja Wedding photos

One of Mkisii ni Mkisii screenwriters and producers is officially married! Photos of Cyprian Osoro wife Jackie Vike alias Awinja from Papa Shirandula show surfaced online following a series of Instagram posts by Mpashogram, Nairobi Gossip Club, and jokester Eddie Butita. The low-key traditional wedding comes within days of fellow celebrities Kamene Goro and Akothee … Read more

Mkisii Ni Mkisii comedy show actors, names, radio, Facebook, Ensacha Enkungu video download

MKISII NI MKISII video latest

Mkisii Ni Mkisii is a famous Kisii comedy central with creative and rib-cracking productions. The show highlights a couple of lead Kisii actors that anyone will love to meet in person. Kisii artists, among them actors, are doing well in the entertainment scenes. These stars are incredibly lovable for their natural display of talents. Various … Read more

11 Best Internet Providers in Nairobi [Prices] List of Cheapest WiFi Packages Kenya & Contacts

List of Best Internet Providers in Nairobi – Packages & Prices

Living online is nearly a necessity in our global village world where social media trends and work-from-home arrangements are rampant. As a result, is a constant search for the best internet providers in Nairobi among digital-minded residents. Online workers, smart homeowners, researchers, and businesses represent the majority of internet seekers. Included in our list are … Read more

MJ Asango Nyabuyoma Biography [Simba Netaya Singer] Joseck Mambo Profile, & List of Best Songs

Simba Netaya Singer Asango Nyabuyoma Biography & List of Best Songs

Simba Netaya hit maker Asango Nyabuyoma is a sought-after Kisii musician since dropping a viral anthem in favour of governor Arati. His lyrical song not only expressed profound support but also inspired supporters in a heated campaign season. J. Mambo Asango Nyabuyoma biography says it all. Nyabuyoma who started singing a decade ago has been … Read more

Charlene Ruto Boyfriend Photos: Husband? Marriage, Wedding, Love Story, Profile & Dancing Video

President William Ruto Charlene Ruto Boyfriend Photos

A web of Kenyan men is on record for begging Charlene Ruto’s hand in marriage. The undeniably gorgeous daughter of the president has even more secret admirers. Endless questions about Charlene Ruto boyfriend photos nolonger spare her quiet love life. The highly outgoing Charlene Chelagat is a third-born daughter in the royal family of William … Read more

Charlene Ruto Biography [Photos] Age, Child, Education Background, Career Profile, & Net Worth

First Daughter Charlene Ruto Biography - child, education, career profile, & net worth

The president’s third born, daughter Charlene Ruto, is a lady on a mission to inspire and change lives. Kenyans on the other hand are increasingly becoming sceptical about her frequent trips within and outside the country. Inside Charlene Ruto biography is an outline of her motivations. President Ruto and first lady Rachel Chebet are openly … Read more

Simba Arati Home in Kisii [Photos] Rural House, Real Estates & Multimillion Mansions in Nairobi

Simba Arati Home in Kisii County

The history of Simba Arati runs deep with ancestral roots in a little know village within Kisii County. It’s a sweet tale of a former Dagoretti North Member of Parliament turned Governor at the prime of his political career. Immense success is decorated with among other things, Hon Paul Simba Arati home in Kisii. The … Read more

CS Ezekiel Machogu Educational Background [CV] University, Career History & Profile Summary

Education CS Ezekiel Machogu Educational Background

CS Ezekiel Machogu educational background is hardly in the limelight being a newcomer in national politics. Initial reports say the Education Cabinet Secretary is a highly learned executive. The UDA-affiliated Machogu is lately controversial for lack of clarity on his press briefings. A case in point is a much-televised speech in which he was quoted … Read more

Simba Arati Office Contacts: Phone Number, Email Address, Website & Kisii County Governor Links

Governor Paul Simba Arati Office Contacts- Phone Number & addresses

Simba Arati office contacts are handy for supporters seeking an appointment with the county boss. These include phone numbers and email addresses designated for residents, dignitaries, and potential investors. Apart from telephone, locals can communicate their ideas and complaints through official social media handles. Even better, Kisii Governor Simba Arati and his right-hand man CC … Read more