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Dismas Nyangau Songs: Videos and music career of Mansamu Yegetonto alias Nyakebako the PhD Man

Onsoti Dismas Nyangau songs and mp3 download

Mansamu Yegetonto who died in 2008 left behind a playlist of rhythmic tunes, wife Jenifer Kwamboka, and six children. The self-proclaimed PhD Man was a born musician, performing artist, comedian, and devout family man. More so, Dismas Nyangau songs remind us of a timeless singer.

Nyang’au is a pioneering Obokano singer among the Gusii ethnic group. His love and skills for a large bass bowl lyre musical instrument live on to this day.

Best Dismas Nyangau songs and mp3 download

Nyakebako the PhD Man Mansamu Yegetonto songs
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Nyang’au Onsoti junior channel on YouTube is a destination for most songs that Mansamu recorded within Iranda Kamba Nane Band.

While Dismas Nyang’au managed several albums, these five traditional hits are more relaxing.

1. One Day Morning

The song One Day Morning describes the agony of a student who showed up at school late.

Asked to fetch his parents, the late student decides to quit school for a job at Kisii Hotel.

In the end, working as a waiter becomes unbearable because of too much work. The song with slow dance moves emphasizes discipline and education.

2. Dismas Nyang’au Ekiage

Ekiage “granary” hit describes the horrific hunger of the 1980s. Nyang’au tells an emotional story of his near-death experience.

It all started with friends psyching him to join a maize stealing gang.

As soon as the owner showed up, his on watching friends freed leaving him corned inside a neighbour’s granary.

What followed is an intensified barking of dogs, screaming of women, and the arrival of armed men.

A narrow escape saw him missing multiple weaponry in the run. He finally learnt the importance of self-sustenance even in times of crisis.

3. Baba Ominto

Nyang’au remembers his deceased mother and grandmother for all the care that they provided in the early years.

He recounts that no one should raise a hand against their mother figures no matter the situation.

4. Egesingororo – loved Dismas Nyangau songs

The song describes a harmless but flight-speed bird called Egesingororo. Nyang’au cannot stop admiring its survival tactics.

The singer is particularly drawn to its waking up too early and flying over long distances in search of food.

Its sleeplessness and excitement in the air are worth emulating in real life.

5. Ninki Kiandiete

The frustrated Nyang’au regrets quitting school because of rudeness against teachers and parents.

He can no longer escape the dawn of reality and poverty even as his learned peers are enjoying life in cool cars.

List of all Dismas Nyangau songs

The long list of PhD Man music include;

  1. Egetiro
  2. Bogotu Ngesankio
  3. Bakangemba
  4. Okorera Nkorerande.

For the record, Mansamu Yegetonto son Eric Nyangau Onsoti and daughter Janet Nyaboke alias Stengo 254 are equally talented. Both are active singers, actors, and dancers.

Dismas Nyangau songs remain exclusive for their perfect composition of vocals and instruments.