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Pastor Ezekiel Net Worth: Sources of Wealth, Houses, Cars, New Life Church Earnings & Career

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New Life Church Televangelist Pastor Ezekiel net worth is a source of inspiration among staunch followers and a new crop of preachers. He commands wealth as much as he commands the ministry.

Scoring 210 marks out of a possible 700 marks and dropping out of the Technical University of Mombasa did not stop the 47 years old Ezekiel Odero from chasing priceless dreams.

Pastor Ezekiel net worth & career history

The notorious Pastor Ezekiel is an alumnae of Miwani High School where he scored a C plain in KCSE exams.

While at the Technical University of Mombasa, he majored in Chemical Processing Technology but did not graduate for lack of tuition fees.

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All along, he was a strong believer and resourceful choirmaster in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. In addition, he was a skilled keyboard player.

On moving to Mombasa, Ezekiel indulged in construction as a mason. He eventually denounced his SDA faith to join Maximum Miracle Church headed by Bishop Pius Muiru.

Initially a choirmaster, he later became a worship and praise teacher. Bishop Pius Muiru is to this day a role model to pastor Ezekiel.

It is about this time that Ezekiel Odero and his beautiful wife Sarah Odero met and exchanged vows. He allegedly paid two goats after proposing with a ring of Ksh. 15.

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Separating from Muiru to start his ministry would earn him a fortune. After 15 years of spiritual prosperity in Mombasa, Ezekiel relocated to Shanzu in Kilifi County.

Ezekiel purchased land measuring 65 acres nearby the ancestral home of his wife Sarah. The couple erected a mega church and have since attracted a following of about 50,000 in the region.

Other mega projects initiated by Ezekiel include a 4-storey building for all church workers and their dependents. He is underway with plans of constructing cottages for church guests.

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Locals should also expect a school, university, restaurant, hospital, and rehab centre.

Pastor Ezekiel net worth is estimated at Ksh. 1 billion with immense proceed from church donations and selling merchandise such as anointing oil and holy water. He now owns a fleet of expensive cars and parcels of land in various parts of the country.

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