Best Photographers in Kisii

25 Best Photographers in Kisii for Birthdays, Weddings, Portrait Art, and HD Drone Videography

Photography is a money-making skill especially for those with the art of shooting pictures worth a thousand words. Such lens men never miss an opportunity to capture desires, passion, and purpose. No doubt that the best photographers in Kisii are those that find pleasure in creating and giving life to one photo at a time.

Everyone can take a photo but only a few are good at archiving them with precious memories. That explains why celebrities and leading brands are often willing to sign huge cheques for the right cameraman.

25 Best photographers in Kisii, Kenya

Individuals, couples, institutions, and e-commerce brands are the main target customers in Kisii photography.

Top in the list of Gusii photographers with a good reputation includes the following.

1. Tamra Creatives Agency

Apart from photography, Tamra Creatives is trusted with graphic designs, live streaming, and branding services.

Also on offer are banners, small, and large format printing for promotions.

Tamra customer care contacts include 0716787878, @tamra_creatives, and

The main offices are located in Ouru Towers, 5th floor, next to Oshwal and just above 7Cs.

2. Keyame Media photographers in Kisii

The nation-wide Keyame Media is a photography and drone videography partner within Kisii town.

Their photoshoot services are mainly convenient for personal, family, business, and institutional clientele.

Call Keyame phone number 0718534064 to book a photo session.

Alternatively, you can DM on social media @keyame or email at

3. Mzii Photography

Mzii freelance photography services are available in Kisii towns and its suburbs. In addition are excellent drone, live streaming, and graphics design solutions.

Use the phone number 0717229136 to book a photo session in your preferred location.

4. Nick Media Studio

The all in one Nick Media Studio offers excellent services including bridal showers, weddings, baby bumps, and funerals.

On top of that are dependable when it comes to drone coverage and live streaming. 

You can visit Nick Media Studio in Nyatero Plaza, 2nd floor, or call 0704789999 for inquiries and reservations.

5. Bob Media Studio

The studio is located in Nyatero Plaza, 3rd Floor, with a promise of creating lasting memories through photography.

Book an indoor or outdoor photoshoot session by calling 0724522059.

List of all Kisii based photographers

  • Baraka Studios – 0707966309
  • Best Net Media – 0712247370
  • Bevon Arts – 0799397230
  • EllyShots Production – 0706083195
  • Felix Adams Creation – 0713429636
  • Fleek Magix Film Studios – 0712954644
  • Kisii Photo Studio – 0722919679
  • Maarifa Studio – 0726523666
  • Mashpixels – 0701076738
  • Onestar Studio – 0714355843
  • Photomax Studio – 0705808884

Most of these career paparazzi are highly dynamic with a preference for scenic sites such as Manga Hills.

Apart from documenting precious moments, photographers in Kisii are good at archiving time in priceless ways. Call for rate cards and quotations.     

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